Nourishing Kidneys

Nourishing Kidneys


I have read that Sifu Wong could treat kidney patient with chi kung practice. I want to participate in the Intensive Chi Kung course this April in Cinta Sayang, but am uncertain if there are any conditions (other than in the website) attached to this training. My kidneys are performing at may be 30% capacity. My kidney doctor told me that the damaged parts of my kidneys could not recover once they fail. I am not sure whether Sifu Wong could assist to explain how chi kung could help kidneys function, or whether he would accept my application for registration.

-- Mah, Singapore


I am sorry to hear about your kidney problem, but the good news is that it can be rectified by practicing high level chi kung correctly. You should therefore register for my Intensive Chi Kung Course in April.

You would be pleased to know that I have many successful cases with people suffering from kidney problems like yours. In fact, one of the reasons that inspired me to teach high level chi kung publicly was my helping a kidney patient who was supposed to die, to recover from what conventional doctors regarded as an irreversible, incurable kidney problem.

To understand why or how practicing high level chi kung correctly can overcome kidney problems, or other so-called incurable diseases, it is necessary to view it from the chi kung perspective. Because most people are so used to the Western medical perspective or paradigm, they often fail to realize that a perspective or a paradigm is not a universal truth, it is only a way of seeing or explaining events and processes.

Let us take an example. In English we use “persons” and “tenses” — “I talk” but “he talks”; “I talk everyday” but “I talked yesterday”. If we are used to only this perspective or paradigm, we may think that whenever we change from the first person “I” to the third person “he”, and whenever we change from the present tense “everyday” to the past tense “yesterday”, we add “s” and “ed”.

But for those who also speak Chinese, we know that this English perspective or paradigm is not universally true. It is interesting — in Chinese it is perfectly grammatical to say “he talk” and “I talk yesterday”, without adding “s” and “ed” as in English. Hence, when you ask a doctor who is trained in the Western medical paradigm, he would say that the damaged parts of your kidneys cannot be replaced because that is how he has been professionally trained to see illness.

When you ask a chi kung master using a Western medical paradigm, he would also say the same thing because he is seeing your illness with a Western medical paradigm though he may not consciously realize it. When you ask your friends or most other people, they too will say the same thing because most people are used to the pervasive Western medical paradigm.

But when you ask a chi kung master like me using a traditional chi kung paradigm, and who is not afraid to appear foolish because his views are so different from all other people, including many other chi kung masters, he will tell you that the damaged parts of your kidneys can be replaced.

From the chi kung perspective, the damaged parts of your kidneys or your damaged kidney cells are called “evil chi”. At the sub-atomic level, this “evil chi” is not even “solid”, it is volatile. But it is stagnant and blocked, hence it is not performing the function it is supposed to do. If you can clear the blockage and replace this “evil chi” with “good chi”, you will restore the function of this chi in your kidneys. In other words, your kidneys will function normally again.

The most basic task of chi kung practice is to clear blockage and replace “evil chi” with “good chi”. But you have to practice high level chi kung, as low level chi kung may not be powerful enough to have the desired effect. High level chi kung, like the one you will learn at my Intensive Chi Kung Course, will not only enable you to build powerful chi within a relatively short time, but also enable you to direct the good chi to your kidneys for the desired process.

Also you have to learn from a master. Even though an ordinary instructor may have the knowledge of high level chi kung, he may not be skillful enough to pass on the art to you, and to ensure that you practice correctly.

In theory there is no such thing as an incurable disease in the chi kung paradigm. Life is a meaningful flow of energy. When there is blockage to this flow of energy, it results in illness. When the blockage is cleared and the flow resumed, health is restored. But in practice not every patient can be cured, because there may be other factors involved. Two important detrimental factors are whether the illness has gone beyond a threshold and whether the student practices correctly and sufficiently. Nevertheless, I can honestly say you have a very good chance to regain good health.

Meanwhile you can practice “Lifting the Sky” and “Nourishing Kidneys” from my books. Just follow the instructions in my books as best as you can and enjoy the exercises. Besides getting some benefit while waiting for the course, this will also give you an opportunity to compare the effects from learning on your own from my books with learning directly from me at the Intensive Chi Kung Course.

“Nourishing Kidneys” is not taught in my Intensive Chi Kung Course. But the skills you will learn in the course will enable you to perform “Nourishing Kidneys” and other chi kung exercises at a much higher level. Please identify yourself to me when you meet me so that I can check you performance of “Nourishing Kidneys”.

Reproduced from March 2005 Part 2 in Selection of Question-Answer Series


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