incurable dieseases

Chi kung can overcome so-called incurable dieseases!


Are there any courses on overcoming incurable disease this year? I have cancer and asthma, and have been learning chi kung on my own, but seem to have reached a plateau.

-- Liz, Australia


I am sorry to hear of your health problems. But the good new is that cancer and asthma can be overcome if your practice high level chi kung learnt from a competent teacher.

There are three reasons why you reach a plateau. Firstly, you should practice chi kung and not merely learn it. When you practice, you go over old material again and again, whereas when you learn, you acquire new material.

Secondly, you should learn chi kung from a competent teacher, not on your own. When you learn from a competent teacher you acquire skills, whereas when you learn on your own you acquire techniques. If you only know the techniques but without the skills when practicing chi kung, you are unlikely to get good results.

Thirdly, the chi kung that you learn is probably of a low level, which may not be powerful enough to overcome your health problems. You need to learn high level chi kung from a competent teacher, and practice it skillfully to derive good results.

Cancer and asthma are serious illness. Do you really believe that by learning chi kung on your own, you can overcome these diseases? If this could be so easily done, then there should not be so many people suffering from cancer and asthma.

Indeed, not only you need to learn from a living teacher, the teacher must be competent. The sad fact is that today competent chi kung teachers are rare. Many people start teaching chi kung to others after they have learnt some chi kung exercises from books, and most, if not all, of them have no idea or experience of what chi is.

Not only you must learn from a competent teacher, the chi kung he teaches must be of a high level. Even when he is competent but if what he teaches is of a low level, it is not powerful enough to overcome cancer and asthma.

Even when you have learnt high level chi kung from a competent teacher, you have to practice it correctly and consistently. Wrong and inconsistent practice will not give your good results.

Yes, my Intensive Chi Kung Courses have helped many people overcome so-called incurable diseases, including cancer and asthma. Please refer to my website for details and apply to my secretary if you wish to attend.

Reproduced from July 2007 Part 7 in Selection of Question-Answer Series


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