Cosmic Shower

Cosmic Shower


I felt so wonderful and beautiful just now (during a Cosmic Shower session on the Blue Mountain). I felt my mind expanding and I was merged with the Cosmos. What was the connection between our mind and the Cosmos and how did we break through the barrier?

-- Lily, Costa Rica


This is an academic question. Those who have no direct experience will not understand the answer even when it is clearly explained to them.

You already have the answer from your direct experience. Those who have the experience usually do not worry about the question. It is the same in daily life. Those who have a lot of money or have a happy family life usually do not ask how they have a lot of money or how they have a happy family life; they just enjoy their wealth or family life.

But I shall still answer your question. It is a good question leading to much intellectual insight.

There is actually no barrier between your mind and the Universal Mind, and no barrier between your spirit and the Universal Spirit. You mind is actually not limited to your brain, and your spirit is not limited to your body. But due to illusion, perpetuated for millennium, people conceptualize that their mind or spirit is separated from the Cosmos, just as they conceptualize that a sub-atomic particle is separated from all other sub-atomic particles that make up all things in the world, when actually there are no boundaries and the energy of one particle flows freely into the energy of all particles.

The exercise you did just now, Cosmic Shower, helped you to clear this illusion. You suddenly realized and experienced that you are in unity with the Cosmos. This spiritual process is called by different terms in different cultures. In the West it is called emancipation. In the East it is called awakening. In science it is the collapse of particles into universal spread of energy. It is a life-changing experience. Congratulations. Life will be different after this experience. You will find life a beauty, a joy.

Reproduced from October 2011 Part 3 in Selection of Question-Answer Series


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