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I know that the main objective of our practice is generating an energy flow by any means or techniques.

-- Sifu Leonard, Austria


We are able to enjoy a lot of benefits within an incredible short time of training because of our chi flow.

It serves four very important purposes.

1. It is a fantastic safety precaution against deviations. Many people may be surprised that some Chinese are afraid to practice internal arts although they know the benefits because they are afraid of deviations.

But with our chi flow, whatever adverse effects due to wrong practice will be erased immediately. This gives us a lot of confidence in our training.

2. It overcomes illness and pain, and contributes to good health, vitality and longevity. This is probably the most valuable benefit of kungfu training today where actual fighting seldom or never occurs. On the other hand, many martial artists become more unhealthy the more they train.

3. It speeds up progress at an unbelievable rate. It is unbelievable that when past masters took months or even years to develop internal force, we take only days or weeks. It is understandable that other people would not believe it, but it is true. This is unprecedented in kungfu and chi kung history.

I have found out the reason for this. Chi flow is necessary for developing internal force. As past masters were not aware of this fact, they conscientiously practiced the required techniques for months or years, until they developed chi flow unknowingly. Only then their internal force began to build, and as their chi flow might not happen everyday they did not have the benefit of daily accumulated effect of internal force building. Because we understand the underlying philosophy, we aim at chi flow and internal force building on the very first day, and continue to accumulate our effect every day.

4. Chi flow enables us to benefit from spread and depth.

Practitioners, today as well as in the past, focus on one force training at one time because if they practice two or more types of force training, like Iron Palm and Thousand Steps for example, the two training methods would cancel each other.

But if we train two or more types of force training at the same period, even when the methods conflict with each other, we enhance our result instead of diminish it. This again is unprecedented in kungfu and chi kung history.

I have found the reason too. It is because of our chi flow.

For other people when they train two types of force training at the same period, the two methods cancel out each other. For example, when they have consolidated sufficient force in Iron Palm training, they dissipate and use up the consolidated force when they train Thousand Steps. So when they return to Iron Palm training, they have to start from stretch.

For us we use chi flow to convert one type of force to the other to enhance the result. For example, after having consolidated force in Iron Palm training, we can convert it into flowing force when we train Thousand Steps. When we return to Iron Pam training, we can convert our flowing force back to consolidated force. Because of this conversion, which increases both the flow and the volume of force, we have better result than had we train only one type of force.

Reproduced from November 2013 Part 3 in Selection of Question-Answer Series


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