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Why does spontaneous chi flow cause the kidneys to get weaker at this point? I thought it should be clearing blockages regardless? Why does chi increasing exercises cause more problems at this stage?

-- Lee, USA


You are wrong to think that spontaneous chi flow cause kidneys to get weaker. You are right to say that it clears blockage.

Thinking that chi increasing exercises cause more problems is again, wrong. Of course, the increased chi should be at a level an organ, like your kidney, can take. If there is excessive chi, which is over-training, it is also wrong,

There is a lot of wrong information, especially on the internet. Any Tom, Dick or Harry can act like an expert and give wrong information online.

Sometimes even masters may not know certain facts. It is commonly but wrongly believed that if practitioners practice certain techniques correctly for some time, they will derive the benefits the practice will give.

This is obviously not so in chi kung. Chi kung is meant to give good health. Today, many chi kung masters, whom we call "masters" out of respect, are sick and weak. Their chi kung techniques are correct, but they lack the skills to generate an energy flow which makes practitioners healthy and strong.

It is also not so in Taijiquan today. Taijiquan is an internal, martial art. But there is nothing internal, and nothing martial in more than 90% of what Taijiquan practitioners practice today. Their techniques are correct, but they lack the skills to make their Taijiquan internal and martial.

Reproduced from Question 4 June 2018 Part 2 in Selection of Question-Answer Series


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