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Chi Flow


How do we know it is chi flow and not that we move ourselves?

-- Lee, Malaysia


Like many other things in chi kung and kungfu, such as internal force and a heightened level of consciousness, we know it is chi flow and not our deliberate movement from direct experience. Those who have no experience of chi flow will not know. Those who are still new to chi flow, may take some time to know.

There is a distinct difference between chi flow and deliberate movement. But it is difficult to describe this difference in words. Similarly, there is a difference between good pain, which results from people recovering from illness or injury, from bad pain, which is due to illness or injury, but it is difficult to explain the difference in words.

Chi flow is spontaneous and harmonious, whereas deliberate movement is acted on and irregular. Some chi flow is obvious, like hoping about like a kangaroo or rolling on the ground like a snake. No one, in his normal sense, would hop like a kangaroo or roll like a snake if not for his chi flow.


Is it alright if we fall down during a chi flow?


It is alright if one falls down during a chi flow. It is not alright if he falls down when he is not in a chi flow, regardless of whether it is accidental or deliberate.

A practitioner is fully in control even in chi flow. If for some reason, he does not want to fall down, he can avoid the falling even when his chi pushes him to fall. However, to prevent accidents from happening, he must ensure his practice place is safe, like away from balconies and windows, and away from glass and drains.

Reproduced from June 2018 Part 1 in Selection of Question-Answer Series


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