Taijiquan combat

Practicing chi kung is a good way to develop internal force


Is internal force useful for people who do not practice marital arts?

— Konchia, Spain


Yes, of course. There are three main functions of internal force:

  1. To maintain life.
  2. To enhance life.
  3. To enable you to do better no matter what you do.

The force that digest yours breakfast and turns it into good energy for you is internal force. The force that works all your life processes to enable you to live is internal force. Actually everyone has internal force. But when we say that Sifu Daniel has internal force, we mean he has a lot more internal force than ordinary people.

Maintaining life is the most important function of internal force. It is also the most often neglected. Some masters have a lot of internal force, but they use it for combat or demonstration instead of maintaining life.

The second function of internal force is to enhance life. There are countless manifestations of this function. Many people come back from work tired, and just sit themselves in front of their television set without actually watching it.

When their wife and children talk to them, they ask them to keep quiet so that they can rest after a hard day's work. It is not that they don't love their wife and children, they just don't have energy left to spend with their wife and children.

But if you have internal force, you will bounce home with energy even after a hard day's work which you also enjoy, and spend quality time with your wife and children. This is enhancing life.

The third function is similar but not the same as the second function. Internal force enables you to do better no matter what you do! This is fantastic. No matter what you do, you will have better result because of internal force.

For example, previously you needed five hours to complete a job. Now you can do the job in three hours and have better result. Previously you became tired after a game. Now with internal force you can continue playing and playing, and not become tired.

The above is taken from Question 4 April 2012 Part 3 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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