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Mouth is open gently


Why do we open our mouth when practicing chi kung?

— Koncha, Spain


The mouth is the most important organ to dispose off toxic waste. I am not referring to the roughage which we clear in the toilet every morning, but waste products like carbon dioxide and ammonia which resulted from our metabolic processes and which we dispose off when we breathe out. If you close your mouth, you still can clear toxic waste by other means, but it will be far less efficient. The toxic waste left in your body can cause insidious harm.

When you close your mouth, you become physically and mentally tensed. Many people are so used to closing their mouth and being tensed that they usually do not realize it. If you close you mouth once a while, it may not be serious. But if you close your mouth a few hours a day, everyday for many years, the accumulated tension can be quite substantial. Now you may not be so surprised why so many people find it hard to relax. Being tensed has become habitual to them.

The mouth is also very important for expressing emotions. One cries when sad, laughs when happy, sighs when worried, and shout when angry. He can hardly express these emotions if the mouth is close. These emotions, especially negative emotions, when locked in the body may bring about psychological or even physical illness.

It was Douglas who once told me he noticed that without a single exception all the people who consulted me for their psychological problems, came with their mouth close. Closing their mouth habitually may not have caused them their psychological problems, but it certainly had aggravated them.

Not many people realize that they can think better with their mouth open. Now, try thinking of some problems with your mouth close, then thinking of similar problems with your mouth open. We shall use similar problems, because thinking of the same problems a second time gives an advantage. For example, you may think with your mouth close what is 5 + 8 x 3, or what you are going to have for lunch. Then open your mouth gently and think for about the same length of time what is 3 + 7 x 4, or what you are going to have for dinner. We have tried this a few times, and every time almost everyone finds that thinking with the mouth open is more efficient.

The above is taken from Question 8 November 2011 Part 2 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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