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How do we instill confidence in chi kung healing?

— Sifu Kevin Barry, Shaolin Wahnam Ireland


There are two main ways to instill confidence in our patients. One way is to explain the philosophy why chi kung healing can overcome their health problems. The other way is to give practical examples.

Let us take cancer as an example. Most people would regard cancer as incurable. But from the chi kung perspective, cancer can be cured! Cancer is caused by energy blockage, i.e. energy is blocked to work the natural mechanisms that overcome cancer. These mechanisms work naturally to overcome cancer or any other diseases. It is natural to be healthy.

Practicing chi kung -- genuine chi kung, and not just gentle physical exercise using chi kung techniques -- generates an energy flow that can clear the blockage. The cancer patient recovers as a matter of course.

Different chi kung techniques produce different types of energy flow. A trained chi kung healer knows which types of chi kung techniques are suitable for which diseases.

A second way is to give practical examples of people who have overcome cancer. I have many examples myself. I was awarded "Qigong Master of the Year" in 1997 at the Second World Qigong (Chi Kung) Congress more than 20 years ago because of my work in helping cancer patients recover.

But if a new chi kung healer does not have sufficient examples himself to give to the cancer patient, he can quote real examples from our school. These examples, of course, must be real and can be verified by the patient if he or she wants to. Sifu Joan from Ireland itself, Sifu Laura from Spain, Dr Foong and Sifu Wong Chun Nga from Malaysia, for example, have a lot of real cases.

We have mentioned confidence for the patient. The healer himself or herself must also have a lot of confidence in helping patients to recover from their illness. If he (or she) lacks this confidence, he must not take up the case. He should recommend the patient to a competent healer who has proven his success in helping patients regain good health.

We are the only school I know that openly say that so-called incurable diseases can be overcome, and we have a lot of cases to prove our success. There are literally countless people suffering from so-called incurable diseases. These two facts alone will give our chi kung healers confidence.

However, if patients do not believe in us, that is their problem. We have no right to force our healing on them.

The above is taken from Question 6 May 2019 Part 1 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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