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Grandamster Wong


Sikung, you have mentioned about "Mind thinks, Events materialize". Can you please elaborate on it?

-- Julian, Venezuela


This is the best and most advanced lesson I learned from my sifu, Sifu Ho Fatt Nam. I learned it outside formal class, an excellent example for the saying in our school, "Some of the best lessons are learned outside formal classes."

If I remember correctly, I once asked my sifu during causal conversation, "Sifu, what is the most advanced art in our school?"

He just replied causally, "Sum seong si seng" (Cantonese) which means "Heart thinks, events materialize". "Heart" in Chinese here means mind.

This great universal truth was taught by the greatest teachers in the past, and confirmed by the most modern scientists today. Both ancient masters and modern scientists have asserted that our phenomenal world is a result of thought, not just your personal thought but the universal consciousness of mankind.

Look at the ocean, for example. We see majestic roaring waves. Look at the ground beneath our feet. We see a lovely carpet of grass and feel the ground is solid. But micro-organisms in the waves or in the ground will see the same reality differently. They may perceive the ocean or the ground as their universe. It is how our mind thinks, or interprets the energy that enters us through our sense organs, that events in our phenomenal world materialize.

The Buddha has taught that the three factors that materialize in our phenomenal world are thought, speech and action in that order of importance. Thought is the most important factor that decides how the future will unfold.

Let us take some mundane but immediate examples. Some of you may earn just a few hundred dollars a month. Various thoughts arise when you see a rich man earning thousands of dollars a month. These various thoughts can be grouped into two broad categories, negative and positive.

You may, for example, think that the world is unfair. Why should he earn thousands of dollars when you earn only a few hundred. The first to suffer from this negative thought is you. You feel envious or angry, and when you return home and your children gather around you, you would vent your anger on them. You blame everybody and feel miserable. Heart thinks and events materialize.

On the other hand, you can choose to have positive thought on the same situation. When you look at the rich man you see him as an example for you to emulate. You tell yourself that one day you will be like him, or even better than him. When you see you wife and children at home you promise yourself that you would work hard to earn more money so as to provide a more comfortable life for them.

With our Shaolin Wahnam training, you have mental clarity to set your vision and direction, and a lot of energy to travel along the direction to reach your vision. Arriving is a matter of time. Mind thinks and events materialize.

You may be rich but have negative thought. When you go to your office and see your staff, you grumble why you should pay them salaries every month. When you find another man richer than you, you become angry. When your wife calls you, you become annoyed, telling her not to disturb you as you scheme to beat the richer man. Mind thinks and events materialize.

On the other hand, you may be rich and have good thought. When you see your staff, you feel thankful that they work well to make you rich. You may decide to give them a bonus, which will make them and you happy, and which may in turn bring more profit for you. When you find another man richer than you, you feel happy for him.

You realize that your present wealth is more than sufficient to give you and your family a comfortable life, and you prefer to spend time with your family instead of competing with him. So, instead of waiting for your wife to call, you call your wife telling her you will return home to have lunch with her and your children. Mind thinks and events materialize.

Our training makes our mind very strong. A strong mind materializes events more effectively than a weak mind. Good thoughts materialize good events, and bad thoughts materialize bad events. This is a great cosmic truth. Hence, it is very important for us to have good thoughts always – thoughts that bring benefits to ourselves and other people.

Reproduced from April 2012 Part 1 in Selection of Question-Answer Series


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