father and son

Grandmaster Wong and his eldest son


How do I make my father happy?

-- Juan, Spain


It is actually quite easy to make your father happy. When you are with him, say something that he likes to hear, but what you say must be truthful.

For example, "Practicing chi kung everyday will make you healthy" is truthful, but it may not be what he likes to hear. So don't say it.

"You can spend money in whatever way you like as there is unlimited supply of money." You father may like to hear this, but it is not truthful, so don't say it.

"You are my father, and I'll honour you although sometimes we have differences of opinions." This is what your father likes to hear, and it is truthful. So, say it.

Spend quality time with your father. Make it a point that you will spend at least half an hour with him every day. Ask him to tell you stories of his younger days. Soon you will find that you have made your father very happy.

Reproduced from January 2020 Part 2 in Selection of Question-Answer Series.


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