internal force

Sifu Kay Uwe demostrated internal force


What is internal force? What are its benefits?

— Juan Antonio, Spain


Internal force is self-explanatory. It is force generated from inside our body, as opposed to external force derived from outside.

Internal force is not limited by size, age and gender, whereas external force is. Thus, a slander woman of 60 can be more forceful than a huge man of 30.

A kungfu saying mentions that internal force is derived from training essence, energy and mind, whereas external force is derived from training muscles, bones and flesh. Hence, when you repeat graceful movements many times, regulate your breathing or attain a higher level of consciousness, you train internal force. When you develop big muscles, hit your arms against poles or toughen your flesh by conditioning, you train external force.

There are three main functions or benefits of internal force, namely to maintain life, to enhance life, and to enable you to do better no matter what you do.

The force that eliminates harmful bacteria and viruses, controls mutated cells so that they cannot cause harm, flush out negative emotions, enables you to walk and talk and carry out countless activities daily to ensure that life goes on, is internal force. This is the most important benefit of internal force.

The second benefit, enhancing life, can be manifested in countless ways. If earlier you would be easily tired or panting but now you won't, if earlier you had to read something a few times and yet be puzzled but now you can comprehend clearly by reading only once, if earlier you loathed to go to work but now you enjoy your job, then you have enhanced your life with an increase of internal force.

The third benefit is similar to the second but not quite the same. With internal force, no matter what you do in your work or play, you can do better and in less time. For example, previously you needed five hours to complete some work, but now you can finish it in three hours yet with better result, or previously you had to avoid certain food for health reasons but now you can enjoy eating it without side effects, internal force has enabled you to perform better irrespective of what you do.

The above is taken from Question 2 October 2012 Part 2 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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