The philosophy of Shaolin Wahnam is to be healthy, but surprisingly many sportspeople are not healthy


I see a tremendous potential to first help those who are ready, open and want to be healed; and I see a huge market in professional sports teams and Olympic teams.

— Jordan, USA


We are very clear about this policy. We help those who want us to help them. We do not want to waste our time arguing with skeptics. Whether they believe that chi kung can help to overcome illness is their business.

Chi kung healing can be a tremendous help to professional and Olympic sportspersons who suffer from injuries. It can speed up the recovery period by a big margin.

On the other hand, chi kung training can develop mindfulness and a lot of energy in the sportspersons so that they can excel in their sports. I am convinced that chi kung will provide the edge for teams to become national and international champions. Indeed, the secret how China emerged as world champions in many sports was chi kung.

Then, why aren't professional and Olympic teams clamour for chi kung masters to train their sportspersons?

The answers are similar to those concerning overcoming illness. Information is imperfect, and genuine chi kung is very rare. Thirdly, there is a lot of politics in professional and Olympic teams. Many decision makers already entrenched in the teams may not want genuine chi kung masters to come in.

This is due to a misconception. They mistakenly think that the chi kung masters may replace them in importance. This is not true. Chi kung is only a supplement to help their sportspersons win championships. They themselves are the pillars of the teams. They make important decisions, manage financial affairs, market their teams, teach techniques and tactics to their sportspersons, and ensure their teams make profits.

Fourthly, genuine chi kung masters, who are already very rare, are already contented with their own ways of life and are generally not keen to work in such conditions despite the wealth and fame. Personally I prefer drinking tea and enjoying meals with grateful students to working for a fat income in a professional sports team.

The above is taken from Question 3 August 2013 Part 2 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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