John performing the San Feng Wudang Set


Sifu has always wanted us to be happy. I have in fact discussed this exact point with Kevin Barry that Sifu just wants us to be happy, arriving in our respective countries and asking if we have a girlfriend and how we are, how our lives are going. I know that Sifu always acts for our benefit. That is beyond question. If we don't get the benefits, it is because we block ourselves from these blessings.

— John, Ireland


If a person is sick, it is because of blockage. We are all naturally healthy.

If a person blocks his natural blood flow, he may have an infection. If he blocks his organs, he may have an organic disorder. If he blocks his nervous system, he may have a psychiatric problem. If a person has a mental blockage, he may be unhappy at his work-place or in his family.

God always wants the best for everybody. If a person does not get benefits, it is because of blockage.


Sifu, I look forward to a wide vista opening up very soon as my Ph.D nears completion. I am sorry for my past failures, Sifu, and I hope to make Sifu proud of me some day.


I am already very proud of you. You will without any doubt make a very good master one day, but if you choose any other profession, you are certainly free to do so and have my blessings.

If you choose teaching kungfu and chi kung, I would recommend that you teach Wudang Kungfu. You are already good at Wudang Kungfu, and it is a marvellous art, but it is being taught as kungfu gymnastic.

Teaching chi kung serves a great need today. Practicing genuine chi kung, which is very rare today, will give practitioners good health, vitality and longevity. Most people today practice gentle physical exercise.

But you must always speak from a position of strength, whether you teach kungfu and chi kung professionally, or choose any other profession. It is a special privilege to have a Ph.D and to give good health, vitality and longevity to other people.

Reproduced Questions 6 and 7 of September 2020 Part 3 in Selection of Question-Answer Series


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