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I am currently compiling books of qigong theories. I was just wondering if you could write to me some basic to advanced qigong theories you think I should know.

-- John, Australia


First of all, be aware that “theory” in the Chinese or Eastern context is different from “theory” in the West. In the Chinese context, “theory” means “generalized explanation based on practical experience”. In the West, “theory” means “speculation based on reasoning”.

The following are the theories in the Chinese context that you or anyone interested in qigong (chi kung) should know. They are listed from basic to advanced levels.

  1. Life is a meaningful flow of energy.
  2. When this energy flow is interrupted, disorder occurs.
  3. When this energy flow stops, death results.
  4. To overcome disorders and maintain life, this energy flow must go on harmoniously.
  5. Qigong is an excellent system to ensure harmonious energy flow.
  6. After maintaining life, energy flow enhances life (such as enabling you to enjoy your sleep and food, work without unnecessary complaints, play games without feeling tired easily, as well as feel joyful when listening to birds sing and admiring star shine.)
  7. After maintaining and enhancing life, energy flow enables you to produce better results in whatever you do (e.g. solve problems today instead of thinking about them tomorrow, play three sets of tennis instead of merely watching from the side.)
  8. Energy flow can open your heart to experience joy.
  9. Energy flow can expand your mind or spirit to experience freedom and peace.
  10. Energy flow can enable you to see your Original Face, also called God, Tao or merely Going Home.

Reproduced Question 5 Jan 2005 Part 3 in Selection of Question-Answer Series


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