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I attended a public kungfu seminar where the grandmaster leading it said that qigong was only used for maintaining good health and for generating more energy in kungfu practice, while the claim of qigong being able to cure cancer and perform other miracles is all bullshit. Having spent some time training in China, I was saddened by his remark. I would like to hear your response.

-- John, Australia


Everyone, including the grandmaster you mentioned, has a right to his opinion, but I would certainly disagree with him.

There are many different types of chi kung, and some types are, as that grandmaster said, only used for maintaining good health and for generating more energy in kungfu practice. But there are also types of chi kung that can effectively overcome cancer and other chronic, degenerative diseases, as well as enable the expert exponent to perform what lay people would consider miracles.

I say this with conviction because I say it from personal experience. Many people have recovered from cancer after practising chi kung from me. Some of them have kindly recorded their experiences in my webpages. Overcoming Cancer and Experiencing Happiness from Within by Laura Fernandez Garrido is one example. Many other chi kung masters also have remarkable success with cancer patients.

In fact, one major reason the Second World Qigong Congress awarded me the "Qigong Master of the Year" award in 1997 was because of my work in helping cancer patients. The paper I presented in the Congress, Qigong: a cure for cancer and chronic, degenerative diseases? A global interest, explains why cancer can be overcome through practising qigong (chi kung).

Interestingly, the main contribution of Professor Fang Li Da of China, the recipient of the other prestigious award at the Congress, "Qigong Research Scientist of the Year", was also on qigong overcoming cancer. In her paper, Professor Fang provided abundant scientific evidence that cancer patients overcame cancer by practising qigong.

Many people would think that medical professionals would rush to investigate these claims. But reviewing the history of western medical discoveries and from my own experience with western doctors, I won't be surprised at all if they are not interested.

There are a few reasons why although practising chi kung can overcome cancer, not many people believe it. One important reason is that genuine chi kung is actually very rare, and what the public regard as chi kung is usually some form of external chi kung dance which has little therapeutic value.

In the same Congress, in front of about a thousand delegates and some dignities I performed what some people might call a miracle. I was invited by the Congress on the spot to demonstrate distant chi transmission. When I asked for volunteers, more than 50 people (whom I did not know) rushed on stage. As the stage could not contain all of them and I did not like to decline some, they stood both on stage as well as on the floor.

I was led to another part of the building, from where I transmitted chi to the volunteers. The result was fantastic, as many people said. Moved by my chi, the volunteer swayed about, some vigorously, and some made interesting noires. One volunteer prowled like a panther, and another walked like a duck! If any responsible organizations wish to conduct some public experiments on distant chi transmission, I shall be happy to offer my service.

The above is taken from Question 7 of Oct 2000 Part 3 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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