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I'm in a bit of a predicament. I have wanted to do the Intensive Chi Kung Course for a few years now. I feel it would be great for my life and my martial arts practice.

I practice a style of ancient Muay Thai. Currently I live in Thailand practising this style with a master. He has combined elements of Wing Choon Kung Fu and Ju-jitsue with this ancient style. He also spent 2 years as a Buddhist monk. So daily meditation is part of our practice. It is not sport Muay Thia for ring fighting.

I showed him Sifu Wong's website and while my master was impressed and he agreed with all the aims and objectives mentioned on the website, my master said that, from a Buddhist point of view of trying to help all beings escape from suffering, he couldn't understand why the course costed so much money.

My master said that all a good martial artist needed was a good teacher and time. If someone was charging a lot of money it was usually a warning sign. So he advised me not to do it, or at least, not to do the Intensive Chi Kung Course for 1000 Euros.

However, I have had a feeling about this course for a number of years, I've read many of Sifu Wong's books and I still would like to do it.

Would it be possible to do the course for 500 Euros? I know you offer a money back guarantee of 1000 but would it be possible to pay 500 and if I am dissatisfied I won't ask for my money back.

Sorry if this seems unorthodox and rude but, I am trying to practice and stay on the path. I don't have a lot of money, I gave up many things to come to Thailand and live as a martial artist.

— John, Thailand


The reason why I charge 1000 Euros for my Intensive Chi Kung Course is quite simple. I teach chi kung as a professional, and not for charity. I believe 1000 Euros is a fair price to learn in just three days chi kung skills ranging from beginners' to masters' level that most chi kung practitioners may not learn in 20 years.

Some people asked for a discount due to lack of money, and I always obliged. Some people promised to pay after the course but did not do so, and I did not chase after them. But in your case I would not offer you the 50% discount as I believe you are not ready to learn from me.

I am not referring to your Muay Thai master in this case, but some people, especially in the West, think that a true master must not charge any fee and must teach whoever expresses a desire to learn. I really cannot understand the logic of this opinion. Why should a true master who has dedicated decades to his art, the secrets of which are traditionally kept for time-proven disciples, teach any Tom, Dick and Harry who happens to knock at his door. Perhaps, this perverted opinion sprang from bogus masters who taught students to flatter their own ego.

Great teaching comes with a price, and the greater the teaching the higher the price. The greatest teachers call for the highest price. The price may not necessarily be in the form of money. The disciples of the Buddha paid the price of renouncing worldly lives, and the disciples of Jesus sometimes paid with their lives.

Your request is not unorthodox or rude. In fact I like your sincerity. Had you asked me for a discount giving the reason that you did not have much money, I would have obliged without question. But although you did not have much money, your reason is different. It is questioning the value of the Intensive Chi Kung Course I teach.

Nevertheless, I would offer you some advice. Irrespective of who you learn from, why did you give up many things to live as a martial artist? Think deeply and clearly on this question. If you are clear about your vision, and set your direction, you will arrive at your destination in much shorter time.

In 2008, the charge of an Intensive Chi Kung Course was 1000 Euros; it is now 1200 Euros.
The above is taken from Question 1 of September 2008 Part 2 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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