Yin-Yang Harmony

Grandmaster Wong who is more than 70 demonstrates yin-yang harmony


I thought that if I practised chi kung it would help me overcome these problems and I could again take up the diet. However after one month of diet change I again feel these symptoms coming back even with continued chi kung practise and a high intake of vegetable protein and some fish. I find it very difficult to train when my mind is weak.

Paul, UK


Probably you only practised gentle physical exercise, although you and even your teacher thought it were chi kung. Not only you have to practise genuine chi kung, which is quite rare today, you also have to practise it correctly, which is not easy if you are not supervised by a competent instructor.

After subjecting your body to vegetable for one year, you suddenly change to meat. Your body is unable to adjust to the change. This again can be explained by the principle of yin-yang harmony. Your yin is unable to adjust to changing yang.

Taking high dose of food supplements, whether vegetable or inorganic, which is symbolized as strengthening yang, often makes existing problems more complicated. Other examples, often found in western societies, including injecting artificial chemicals into the body to enhance its functions, and draining natural fat from the body to make it look slim.

Many people, including doctors, are perplexed at the complications which medical or surgical treatment sometimes bring. It is complicating because they look at problems from a localized and reductionistic perspective, when the problems actually affect the whole person in countless inter-connecting ways.

For example, viewing your problems from the western medical perspective operating solely at a physical level, it is difficult to understand why your mind becomes weak. Doctors may conjecture that it is due to lack of certain chemicals in the brain, and consequently may prescribe these chemicals as supplements.

From the Chinese medical perspective, such chemotherapy at best only relieves the symptoms, but worse, when the medication is prolonged it may lead to long term complications. Interestingly, while the Chinese view man in his countless inter-connections within himself as well as with the whole universe, all these countless inter-connections and their myriad workings are generalized into amazingly simple principles, like yin-yang harmony and interaction among "jing", "qi" and "shen".

In Chinese medical philosophy, a person is composed of three components, namely "jing", "qi" and "shen", which means physical body, energy and mind. These three components are inter-related. You became increasingly week because your body fails to convert meat or vegetable into useful energy, and whatever energy left in your body is prevented to flow smoothly to wherever it is needed due to the disposition of toxic waste that your body also has failed to clear.

Because your energy flow is distorted, your mind also becomes weak. Your conditions are expressed in Chinese medical jargons as "when jing is weak, qi becomes weak; when qi is weak, shen becomes weak."

From the Chinese perspective, adding supplements to strengthen your body or your mind may work for a limited ad hoc purpose, but cannot overcome the root cause of your problems. What is the root cause? It is yin-yang disharmony.

Some intermediate factors, which we need not even have to identify, have caused your energy network to be distorted, which means your body lacks the vital energy to digest whatever food you have eaten for strengthening your body and mind. Once your energy network is restored to normal, you will regain your health, physically, emotionally and mentally. And this is best attained through genuine chi kung, the art of energy management.

The above is taken from Question 3 of June 2001 Part 1 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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