Dressing appropriately

Dressing appropriately will improve ones appearance


My physical appearance is not very pleasant, as I have many acnes which I can't seem to cure because of too much stress, which is only one of other factors causing acnes. My parents went to a Feng Shui (Chinese astrology) master to spell out my future, not knowing I had these problems. The master says I'm a handsome young man, do very well in school, and when I grow up, I'll be rich and successful in business. That seems to make me feel a bit happier, but with the current condition I'm in right now, I don't think I'll have that kind of future.

— Jeff, USA


You can improve your outward appearance remarkably by taking a shower, which will make you look fresh, combing your hair neatly, wearing your attire appropriately and cleanly, and putting on footwear suitable for the occasion. Regarding acnes, practicing chi kung can minimize the problem.

You should also carry yourself comfortably upright, irrespective of whether you are walking, standing or sitting down. Smile often. Smiling is one of the most wonderful ways to make any person look pleasant and welcome.

Besides improving your physical appearance, you should make your personality pleasant. Be kind and considerate to other people. Be kind and loving to your parents and your sister. If you can do just these two things, which are actually not difficult to do if you want to, you will certainly be a very pleasant person.

But the most important is to make your mind pleasant. This is again very simple, although not many people may know the secret. Think of pleasant thoughts, for yourself as well as for other people. The feng shui master your parents consulted on your behalf, has given you a good start.

Think of yourself doing well in school (which is already true), growing into a handsome young man (which will be true if you make yourself physically, emotionally and mentally pleasant), and becoming rich and successful in business (which has a good chance to be true if you start your preparation now). I would like you to remember this. When you are rich, use your riches wisely and be kind to other people.

The above is taken from Question 6 of April 2003 Part 2 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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