Jeff Dakers, Canada

This was originally a personal letter, but is posted here as comments with the writer's permission

Jeff Dakers

Jeff Dakers

Sifu Wong,

I have taken your Chi-Kung course in Toronto last November. I wanted to give you some follow up about how it is going.

First thing is that I have not been sick for one day since starting the Chi-Kung practice. Everyone in my family had a bad flu and colds more than once since that time, but I am not affected by any of it. Also, this is the first year in several that I have not had any allergic reactions in the spring time. I suffered from seasonal allergies which had gradually been getting worse and this year the allergies do not exist.

The most remarkable result to me is the improvement in the prostate area. I am 40 and for the last few years had the problem of needing to urinate during the night with increasing frequency. After about 4 months of Chi-Kung I noticed that this was becoming less frequent and now I sleep through every night without the need to get up. This is remarkable.

It is so amazing that such simple techniques which are so easy to do can have such powerful results.

I will not be at the course in August, but my mother and my wife are planning to attend.

Jeff Dakers
June 20th, 2000


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