Carrying the Moon

Carrying the Moon


Sigung, I practice in the morning and at night, and have wonderful benefits. How do I have benefits for the whole day instead of just in the morning and at night?

-- Janelia, Venezuela


The benefits of your chi kung practice are not just during the practice itself but spill over the practice session. In other words, if you practice for 15 minutes, the benefits are not just for 15 minutes, but may last for an hour.

Gradually the spill-over effect of the chi kung benefits will increase. Although your practice is only for 15 minutes, your benefits will last for an hour and a half, then for two hours, and eventually the whole day and beyond.

The benefits are spontaneous. You don't have to do anything special. For example, when you read a book or perform any physical task, you will find that without making any special effort, you can comprehend better in your reading, and have more stamina in your task. This is what we would call the reactive benefits.

You can also have proactive benefits, where you make some special but easy effort. This can be achieved by applying one, two or all the three aspects, namely mind, energy and form.

Just before doing anything, gently enter into a chi kung state of mind. You will find that you can produce better results no matter what you do. Initially you may need to make some effort to enter into a chi kung state of mind, but gradually you will find that it has become quite natural.

The second aspect is energetic. Gently sink your chi to your dan tian. Relax and let your chi do the work for you, irrespective of whether it is mental or physical. For example, when you work out a solution to a problem, let your chi flow. When you run up a flight of stairs, let your chi do the running.

Thirdly, let you physical movement be graceful and elegant in whatever you do, including intellectual tasks, just as when you perform your chi kung exercise. Do not tense any muscles and use your flowing internal force. For example, when you write a report, let your mind flow in your thoughts and your energy flow in your writing. When you get into your car, move gracefully and elegantly without muscular tension.

It is no wonder that life becomes not only more effective but also more joyful.

Reproduced from May 2012 Part 1 in Selection of Question-Answer Series


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