chi flow, qi flow

It is the chi flow, not the technique, that gives good health, vitality and longevity


I am contacting you because I have suffered 12 years from migraines. Sometimes it was so intense and lasted a week and a half that I found it unbearable. Please indicate any specific, ideal exercises.

-- Isidro, Spain


Migraine can be easily overcome if you practice genuine chi kung. It needs not even be advanced or powerful chi kung, but it must be genuine. By genuine I mean that the chi kung must generate a chi flow.

I am going to tell you a big secret. As overcoming migraine is not a big issue in chi kung, it is not what chi kung technique or exercise you practice that is important. What is important is that you are able to generate a chi flow.

Chi flow is the essence of chi kung. If there is no chi flow, you do not practice the technique or exercise as chi kung; you only practice it as physical exercise, and physical exercise cannot overcome your migraine.

An analogy will make this clear. Suppose you want to buy a shirt costing 50 euros but you do not have any money. This is only a small economic problem, not a big one.

You need to work on a job that generates a cash flow. Most jobs will pay you more than 50 euros, and with the cash flow you can overcome your small economic problem of buying a shirt. It is not what job you do that is important. The important thing is that your job must generate a cash flow.

It is the cash flow, not the job, that enables you to overcome your economic problem. If you work but do not have a cash flow, then your work is not a paying job; it is free service, and free service would not enable you to overcome your economic problems.

Similarly, if you practice a chi kung exercise but there is no chi flow, it is not genuine chi kung, it is gentle physcial exercise, and gentle physical exercise does not overcome your health problems.


I could not attend any courses due to financial problems. But through your books I try to practice qigong the best I can.


If you can generate a chi flow by practicing from my books, you will be able to overcome your migraine. But it is easier and also cheaper if you learn from one of our certified chi kung instructors. We have many certified chi kung instructors in Spain. Please see our List of Certified Instructors.

How you are going to use your money is of course your business, but it strikes me as being silly someone who has suffered from migraine for 12 years and at times unbearable but unwilling to find some money to learn a high-level art that will not only overcome his migraine but also gives him good health and zest for life.


I would love to meet you and to learn from you.


Many people have told me the same thing, and they are usually sincere in their intention, but what they have missed saying, and which they themselves may not be fully aware is the unspoken condition, "if it does not cause me any inconvenience or financial commitment."

Reproduced from August 2012 Part 3 in Selection of Question-Answer Series


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