The most beautiful

A priceless picture showing Grandmaster Wong and his father and mother


Sifu what is the most beautiful thing you ever remember?

-- Hugo, Sweden


When I was about two years old I fell into a big monsoon drain and was almost drown. Fortunately a woman saved me, to whom I am forever grateful.

But I was very sick after that. I believe I had pneumonia. I could not walk and hardly eat or sleep. My mother carried me in her arms everyday. I was naughty. When we were upstairs I would demand going downstairs, and as soon as my mother carried me in her arms downstairs, I would demand to go up again.

This would go on for hours. But a mother is never tired of caring for her child. My mother would caress me, sing to me and hold me close to her heart. I was too small then to remember much, but I can clearly remember this was, is and will be the most beautiful thing in my life.

I am blessed with a wonderful life. I have only two regrets. One, I regret I was not more kind to my mother when she was alive. Two, I regret I was not more kind to my father too. Those whose parents are still alive, should not miss their golden opportunity.

Reproduced from March 2007 Part 2 in Selection of Question-Answer Series


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