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Meeting expediencies, not inventing a new style


You said in your webpage that in Shaolin Wahnam you teach your students the best of what you learned from your four masters. Hence, what your students practice is different from, and better than, what you learned individually from each of your four masters, that you did not artificially combine the art of one master with that of another, but the best from these four masters evolved naturally into one style.

-- Hugo, Sweden


The way I teach now is different from the way I learned, but the essence is the same. During my time I had to learn kungfu forms for many years before I was introduced to internal force and combat application. And it was many years later before I was taught spiritual cultivation.

Now both my Shaolin and Taijiquan students learn and experience internal force and spiritual cultivation on the very first day of their training! They are combat effective within the first year. This is unprecedented in kungfu history.

It took me a few years before I could generate my own energy flow. Now my chi kung students can generate their own energy flow on the very first day of their chi kung training! This again is unprecedented.

As far as I know we in Shaolin Wahnam are the only school that teach what are often regarded as secrets of kungfu and chi kung at such an incredible fast rate and have attained reasonably good results. Therefore, it is understandable that many people do not believe in what we say, and think that we are boasting outlandishly.

I believe that I was probably the first to teach kungfu and chi kung in a package with a time frame, such as teaching an intensive course of kungfu with internal force training and combat application in five days, or an intensive chi kung course with skills like generating energy flow and directing energy to wherever we want in three days. In the past both kungfu and chi kung teachers did not have a preplanned programme with a fixed time table. They taught their students haphazardly, and often both the teacher and the student did not know beforehand what and when would be taught next.

My methods of teaching were evolved to meet expediencies rather than invented to become a new style. For example, in my time I learned kungfu sets like “Tiger-Crane”, “Flower Set”, “Four Gates” and “Seven Stars”. I found that teaching these kungfu sets to my students who attend my five-day intensive course would not serve their needs and aspirations best. After all they already know their own kungfu sets. So I devised combat sequences to help them speed up their combat training. These combat sequences were then linked together to form new kungfu sets like “Black Tiger Steals Heart” and “Happy Bird Hops up Branch”. In other words I did not purposely invent these new kungfu sets to make them different from those I learned. These kungfu sets came about as a result of my expedient means to help my students to be combat efficient within a relatively short time.

Reproduced from November 2005 Part 2 in Selection of Question-Answer Series


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