Shaolin Kungfu

Grandmaster Wong at Cambridge, United Kingdom, when he was about 70 of age. Besides combat efficiency, Shaolin Kungfu gives many other benefits to Grandmaster Wong in his daily life.


You talk very highly of Shaolin Kungfu. Practitioners of other martial arts like Karate and Teakwondo will not be happy.

— Tomas, United Kingdom


It is my intention to tell the truth; it has never been my intention to please my listeners or readers. This does not mean I want to offend or belittle them. In telling the truth, it is often inevitable that some people are unhappy.

But I never insult or belittle other martial arts. In fact I have more respect for other martial artists than for most kungfu practitioners.

Other martial artists are honest with themselves. They are also very dedicated. Most kungfu practitioners make a mockery of themselves. They claim that they practice a high-level martial art, but they cannot defend themselves. If they have to fight, they use other martial art techniques instead of the kungfu they practice.

I talk highly of genuine kungfu, especially Shaolin and Taijiquan, but not external kungfu forms, including Taiji dance. Genuine kungfu is very rare nowadays, but external kungfu forms are plentiful.

I have good evidence to support my high regard for kungfu. When many masters of other martial arts went to China to challenge kungfu masters, all the other masters without a single exception were convincingly defeated. More important than combat efficiency, these kungfu masters were gentle and courteous, and had good health and vitality.

In our school there are many former international sparring champions of various other martial arts. Many of them were champions before they learned in our school. Some of them were sickly and injured. We are very happy that our training has restored their good health and vitality.

More important than combat efficiency, our top priority is that our training enriches our daily life besides giving us good health, vitality and longevity. Everyday, regardless of rain or shine, brings us joy and zest for living.

Reproduced from Question 6 in Selection of Questions and Answers — December 2016 Part 1.

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