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A chi kung class in Spain


What are the benefits of chi kung?

— Guillem, Spain


The numerous benefits of chi kung may be classified into five categories:

  1. Good health
  2. Vitality
  3. Longevity
  4. Mental freshness
  5. Spiritual joys

The first three categories constitute the basic benefits of chi kung, and the latter two constitute advanced benefits.

Good health includes overcoming pain and illness. Overcoming pain and illness is a stepping stone. The aim of practicing chi kung is not just to overcome pain and illness, but to have good health, and there is a big difference between them.

Those who are used to being told that they have to live with their pain and illness for life will surely be inspired to know that according to the chi kung paradigm, not only all pain and illness can be overcome, but also good health is natural.

Just being healthy is insufficient. We should also have vitality to enjoy life wholesomely. Acquiring vitality to enjoy life as well as for peak performance is an important category of benefits as a result of practicing genuine chi kung.

Practicing chi kung regularly will enable us to live to our potential life span. Thus another important category of benefits is longevity. We not only enjoy old age but are also healthy and full of vitality in our mellow years.

At advanced levels, practicing genuine chi kung gives us mental focus and freshness. This will enable us to do better no matter what we do!

Practicing genuine chi kung gives us spiritual joys. At the basic level it enables us to be peaceful and happy. At advanced levels we experience the presence of God or whatever term we call the Supreme.

The above is taken from Question 7 November 2012 Part 3 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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