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The crucial difference between gentle physical exercise and chi kung is energy flow


Sifu, you said that the same pattern can be practiced as chi kung or as physical exercise. Can you please elaborate on that?

-- Dr Gloria, Mexico


The crucial difference is energy flow. If the pattern generates an energy flow, it is chi kung. If it does not generate an energy flow, it is physical exercise.

It does not matter what the pattern is. It can be a gentle dynamic pattern like Lifting the Sky, or a zhan zhuang pattern like Horse-Riding Stance.

More than 80% of practitioners all over the world practice gentle dynamic patterns as well as zhan zhuang patterns as gentle physical exercise or as enduring physical exercise. Because they do not generate any energy flow, they do not have the benefits of chi kung, which is energy exercise.

Usually the energy flow is not obvious because it is not strong even when students practice dynamic patterns like Lifting the Sky or zhan zhuang pattern like Horse-Riding Stance correctly as chi kung. But as long as there is energy flow, these students will derive benefits, but their benefits may take a longer time to materialize.

In our case our benefits manifest quickly because our energy flow is strong -- so strong that our energy flow movements are obvious and vigorous. As usual, other people may think that we are boastful and may become angry at my statements. That is their problems, not ours. Actually we are here sharing secrets with them that can greatly enhance their practice.

The energy flow from gentle dynamic patterns like Carrying the Moon and Rhinoceros Looks at Moon overcomes pain and illness and gives good health, vitality and longevity. The energy flow from zhan zhaang patterns like Three-Circle Stance and Golden Bridge gives mental clarity and internal force.

Because most other practitioners do not have energy flow they still remain sick and weak or have no internal force despite practicing dynamic patterns or zhan zhuang patterns for many years. Because we have energy flow we have good health, vitality and longevity as well as internal force even when we practice dynamic patterns and shan zhuang patterns for a relatively short itme.

It is the energy flow, not the dynamic patterns or zhan zhuang patterns, that gives these benefits. This is a great chi kung secret.

Reproduced from October 2012 Part 2 in Selection of Question-Answer Series


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