Pushing Mountains

Mohammed Marafie of Kuwait enjoying “Pushing Mountains” in an exercise of Eighteen Lohan Hands


I have been practicing Ta Mo Yi Jin Jing, Zhan Zhuang and Lohan Eighteen Hands. I like to know about Xi Shui Jing (Bone Marrow Cleaning).

-- Gil Vas, Brazil


Usually the names of an art, like Yi Jin Jing and Eighteen Lohan Hands, refer to the forms of the exercises. But Xi shui Jing is different. Xi Shui Jing (or Bone Marrow Cleansing) refers not to the form of the exercise but to its effect of cleansing the practitioners' nervous system.

Any exercise that can do this, when performed by an advanced practitioner, can be called Xi Shui Jing. Thus, if a practitioner performs an exercise from Eighteen Lohan Hands (such as “Pushing Mountains” or Carrying the Moon”) to a high level whereby he cleanses his nerves, that exercise can be called Xi Shui Jing.

Yi Jin Jing, Zhan Zhuang and Eighteen Lohan Hands are chi kung exercises. But from your description, it is obvious that you have been practicing these arts as physical exercises. If you wish to enjoy the wonderful benefits of these chi kung exercises, I would strongly recommend that you attend my intensive courses or regional classes, or learn from certified Shaolin Wahnam instructors, or learn from other masters or competent instructors.

I would cite some typical occurrences in my regional classes on Yi Jin Jing (or Sinew Metamorphosis) as well as some recent experiences in my latest regional class on internal force where zhan zhuang is employed, to show what I mean by the wonderful benefits of these exercises. After flicking their fingers just three times, students at my Yi Jin Jing classes would feel so much internal force at their hands and arms that they would not help saying “Wow!” If they are ready, advanced students might have a glimpse of their Original Face, which is another way of saying they were with God!

In my regional class on internal force (Germany, July 2004), a student who had been practicing Taijiquan for 30 years and teaching for 10, gratefully told the class that that was the best and most pleasant zhan zhuang (stance training) he had ever had. He felt so powerful yet so peaceful and fresh.

Mark, a kungfu student from Shaolin Wahnam England, told the class that he felt a continuous powerful surge of energy rising from his back, round his head, down his body and gushing down his legs. Tim, another kungfu student from Shaolin Wahnam England, said that he could clearly see in his mind's eyes the whole class behind him doing zhan zhuang, to which I replied that it was such ability when further developed that enabled kungfu masters in the past to catch darts and flying knives aimed at them from behind.

You can also read some typical experiences and benefits of our students in our Shaolin Wahnam Virtual Kwoon and Discussion Forum. Understandably, many people may not believe such accomplishments in our chi kung classes. That is their business. But I just want to show the kind of opportunities we offer to sincere students.

The above is taken from Question 8 December 2016 Part 3 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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