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Students practice if they pay high fees


You have sometimes said that charging high fees is for the students’ interest. Why do you say so?

— George, USA


Charging high fees is more for the students’ interest. I have learned this fact from direct experience.

In the past I used to teach students high level chi kung and kungfu free of charge. When I left Shaolin Wahnam Association, the forerunner of Shaolin Wahnam Institute, I used to ask a few students to practice high-level kungfu, the type of kungfu not taught in most other kungfu schools, in a nearby temple. I did not charge any fees.

One night I was at the temple waiting for the students to turn up. No body turned up. I then realize that at about the same time, television stations were broadcasting a world cup football match, though the students could watch other world cup football matches on other nights.

I taught a neighbour chi kung exercises for free because he had difficulty walking. He knew that I charged high fees for other people, and I knew very well that the chi kung exercises I taught him would overcome his leg problems. But he did not practice.

I also taught two other persons for free because I pitied them and they were poor. One was a cripple and the other was on a wheelchair. I knew very well that the exercises I taught them would overcome their problems, as I taught the same exercises to other people who paid high fees and had more serious problems. But the two persons never practice because I taught them for free.

There were many other examples. Hence when I later discovered that some people borrowed money to attend my courses, I knew that they would overcome their health problems. Of course they did.

It was not because they wanted to get their money’s worth, but because they already had faith in me and my teaching. Of course I have great faith in my teaching. If I know there are other sources where these students will overcome their problems faster or better, I will not hesitate to recommend them to these other sources.

Actually anyone who is not satisfied with my teaching can ask for his or her money back an hour before the course ends. For more than 60,000 students that I have, only about 10 persons asked for their money back. Four of these 10 persons asked their money back because they could not understand English, and I taught in English.

I remember that one person asked for his money back, but later he wanted to pay me again because he continued practicing our chi kung and overcame his health problem. I declined his payment and asked him to continue his chi kung practice as it would give him tremendous benefits.

The above is taken from Question 1 November 2019 Part 2 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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