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Laly, sitting in a wheelchair, overcame her problem after practicng chi kung


Do you have any videos for wheelchair patients? I am not in a wheelchair but I cannot do standing exercise. I walk with a walker and am in a lot of pain.

— Gen, Australia


What you need is not some videos to entertain you when you are on a wheelchair, but a determined vision to throw away your walker and function as a normal person.

Please be clear that a vision is very different from a fancy. It is of course not enough just to fantasize that you will be walking normally without pain, but have a realistic vision that this can happen, and have determination to work towards this vision.

You would be inspired to know that I have helped many people throw away their walkers and wheelchairs, and start walking normally again. The following webpage From Sitting on a Wheelchair to Walking in a Street is a recent example.

Ideally I would recommend that you apply to attend my Personalized Chi Kung Course, where I shall teach you alone and specifically how to overcome your health problem. Honestly I regard this as my duty to help sincere people who ask for my help. Personally I would prefer you to attain my Intensive Chi Kung Course where you will join other people to learn chi kung in general, but if you continue to practice on your own you can overcome your health problem.

If you are interested, please apply to my Secretary at secretary@shaolin.org. Or you may learn from our certified chi kung instructors or healers. Please see http://www.shaolin.org/general/instructors-list.html.

Please note that while we are confident you will overcome your health problem, we cannot guarantee that you will certainly be cured.

The above is taken from Question 6 of April 2009 Part 1 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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