Surpassing emotional limit


Could you help me, Sifu, teaching me some ways to grow and overcome my limits, or at least giving me some ideas on where to start looking for answers? I know it is rather complicated to do so without seeing you personally, but one day I hope I can be honoured enough to do so. I am really sorry for writing so much and taking your time, but even so, writing to you, Sifu, was the greatest honour I ever had. It is really good to talk about my beliefs without being called “crazy”. And forgive me if I was, in any part of this letter, disrespectful to you Sifu, because I have never addressed myself to such a great master before.

-- Gabriel, Brazil


Yes, it is my privilege as well as pleasure to help deserving students attain their potential. The best way for you is to attend my Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course held in Malaysia. You will be amazed at what you will learn in this course in a very short time. For example, in an earlier answer I describe how you can expand your mind and spirit in six months. You will obtain similar or better results in one or two days when you learn from me personally! This is unbelievable and many people may think I am boasting, but it is true. Otherwise it is unjustifiable to charge US$1500 for the course.

Among other things, you will learn as well as actually achieve the skills to generate energy flow and develop internal force, and to use typical Shaolin principles and techniques in combat as well as everyday application — abilities which many martial artists have chased after for life but which you will attain in a week.

But you must be ready to work very hard. I am a slave-driver in the course. You will be pushed to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual limits so that after the course, having surpassed your limits, you will emerge as a better person in all aspects. This is probably the best part of the course — not the parts where you learn how to fight effectively or even where you find yourself blissfully in tune with the cosmos.

For example, after the first day all you want to do when you return to your room after the training is to sleep. Then, you find that you can spar continuously for two hours without feeling tired and without even drinking a drop of water despite in the tropical climate of Malaysia. You have surpassed your physical limit. At first the other course participants are strangers to you, but after training intensively for two days you treat them with loving kindness like your brothers and sisters. You have surpassed your emotional limit.

At some point in the training you may be so confused that when I ask you to move forward your right leg, you may not know what to do — a situation not uncommon even among the most brilliant of the participants; they have been pushed to a point of mental blankness. The next day everything is so crystal clear. You have surpassed your mental limit. Before the course you only have an intellectual understanding of spiritual cultivation, but you may not know what the words really mean. During the course you have direct experiences of your spirit expanding, free and happy. You have surpassed your spiritual limit.

You have taken much trouble to write clearly and respectfully, and your questions will also be helpful to many other people. It is a joy to answer them.

The above is taken from Question 8 of Jun 2002 Part 3 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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