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Hi. Do you offer any videos of exercises for a person seeking to improve his/her health? I am 53 years old, female, with a history of slightly elevated blood pressure and cancer. Am looking for an exercise program that (1) calms me down, (2) promotes peace and harmony inside (and outside), and (3) improves my health, especially related to health problems I have had in the past. I am not really available for classes but would be very interested in acquiring a video of these exercises. Please e-mail me back with your response. Thank you.

Caren, USA


One thing that keeps amazing me is the number of people with serious health problems, including those suffering from cancer and high blood pressure, who do not bother to take some trouble learning an art that can give them good health but expect to overcome their health problems by learning from an e-mail or a video! Despite having spent much time lying in hospitals, they consider spending the time and effort to learn an invaluable art too troublesome.

Just consider this: if modern doctors with their sophisticated technology could not overcome the so-called incurable diseases, could e-mails and videos do? One would also consider whether practising chi kung could overcome the so-called incurable diseases. The answer for the first question is obviously no, and for the second question yes. In my own experience, as a rough estimate about 80% of my students with so-called incurable diseases have successfully overcome them. But I do not keep records, and so if you ask me for names I cannot provide for you; you either believe me or you don't.

One main reason why so many people have such mistaken information about chi kung and believe that chi kung can be effectively learnt from a video is that chi kung has been so diluted today that it has virtually lost its essence, and many people have commercialized on chi kung videos. You can readily learn external chi kung forms from a video, but that is not real chi kung -- it is only its external forms. Fundamentally, real chi kung concerns training mind to manage energy, and this has to be learnt from a master or at least a competent instructor who himself has the ability of mind managing energy, certainly not from a video which may teach you chi kung dance forms or from a bogus instructor who himself has no experience of energy flow.

Real chi kung can calm you down, promote peace and harmony inside and outside, improve your health, and much, much more, but you have to take some effort and time to learn it from a master. And when you have the chance to learn from a master, you do not call him "hi", which you normally address to your peers; you call him "master" or in Chinese "sifu", which signifies proper respect for someone kind enough to share his treasure with you.


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