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When there is energy, there is life


A few years ago, my father was in a car accident and due to the impact, some fragments of bone from his neck vertebrae fractured away from his spine and lodged in the muscles in his upper back and neck. He has a lot of neck and shoulder stiffness, plus chronic pain. Since surgery to remove the fragments is risky due to them being close to several nerves in the upper back and neck, he is currently using steroid injections and physical therapy to control the pain.

— Frederick, USA


Your question highlights a very important fact that I discovered. This fact, of course, was already present for millennia and was mentioned indirectly or arcanely by masters who might not want to explain it publicly. As far as I know, I am the one who is actively explaining and publicizing it, in the hope that when it is well known and understood, it can help countless people suffering from so-called incurable diseases can be healed. I believe that in future it may change the course of medicine.

I have used this fact to help many people overcome so-called incurable diseases, but it was only in the last few years that the fact has crystallized into a comprehensible concept. Those I have trained as chi kung healers have also used this fact and my method to help many people recover from so-called incurable diseases.

This fact in its simple and beautiful form is as follows. Life is a meaningful flow of energy. When the energy is blocked, it results in pain and illness. When the blockage is cleared, good health, which is natural, is restored.

It is pertinent to mention that this explanation or philosophy is the result of experience, and not the other way round. Before this fact has been crystallized into a comprehensible concept described above, I just taught chi kung the way it was described in chi kung classics. At that time I had no idea of illness being caused by energy blockage, and restoration of good health resulted when the blockage was cleared.

Initially I was surprised when many people suffering from so-called incurable diseases like rheumatism, arthritis, cardiovascular disorders, cancer, depression, structural deformatity and viral infection, recovered after practicing chi kung learned from me. Now, after more than 30 years of healing countless people suffering from so-called incurable diseases, the situation is reversed. I would be surprised if these people did not recover.

As I gained in experience in helping people recover from their pain and illness, I also gained in knowledge in chi kung and traditional Chinese medical philosophy. According to traditional Chinese medical philosophy, which has maintained the health and sanity of the largest population of the world for the longest period of history, there is only one illness, and it is called yin-yang disharmony and caused by energy blockage. Yin-yang disharmony is described in different terms according to its symptoms in conventional medicine.

In other words, conventional medicine may describe a disorder as auto-immune dysfunction, diabetes, cancer or clinical depression, or you may describe a disorder as pain from hard-tissue or pain from soft-tissue, but in chi kung and traditional Chinese medical philosophy, it is yin-yang disharmony, and it is caused by energy blockage. If your father succeeds in clearing the energy blockage, he will regain his natural good health, including being free from pain.

Is it correct to consider bone fragments lodged in muscles as energy blockage? Yes, it is correct. At the level of normal human sight, the bone fragments are solid. But at the sub-atomic level, these bone fragments are energy. This energy is blocked, resulting in pain. When the blocked energy is cleared, the pain will disappear.

You would be inspired to know that in my early years of chi kung teaching, a student's spine was doubly crocked. He was bent forward as well as sideways. Surgeons dared not operate on him for fear of damaging his nervous system. After about 10 months of chi kung practice, at a time when my chi kung teaching was of a much lower level than now, he was straight and upright!

I did not know how chi kung straightened his bone then, and neither he nor I bothered to find out. But now I know.

Let us take a bent bone. There is unnecessary and excessive energy (described as bone cells in conventional biology) blocked on the convex side, but insufficient energy on the concave side. Regular and diligent chi kung practice first loosens the blocked energy on the convex side, then clears the excessive energy, and simultaneously new energy forms into healthy bone cells on the concave side. Eventually the bone is straightened. By comparison, clearing away blocked energy, seen by naked eyes as bone fragments, is simpler than straightening a crooked bone.

The above is taken from Question 1 February 2016 Part 1 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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