ch kung and pregnancy

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Should a pregnant woman practice chi kung?

— Feredicia, Italy


If she already knows how to practice chi kung correctly, she can do so but she must practice at a low level with gentle movements and gentle chi flow. Stretching, vigorous movements and vigorous chi flow are not suitable. She must also remember that a baby's needs are different from those of an adult.

If she has not learnt chi kung before, it is advisable for her to delay learning and practicing chi kung after her delivery.

Such precautions are made not because practicing chi kung is not beneficial to a pregnant woman but because we want to avoid possible wrong practice or over-training.

There is, however, an excellent chi kung exercise that every pregnant woman should practice, and it is as follows.

Sit, stand, lie down or be in any comfortable stationary or moving position. Enter into a chi kung state of mind. For those who do not know what a chi kung state of mind is, just gentle breathe in and out about 10 times.

Have a gentle thought that the baby is developing wholesomely and beautifully, and when the time is right the delivery will be safe and pleasant. It will be.

This exercise is very simple and can be practiced any suitable number of times a day. Although it is a serious exercise dealing with serous matter, it should be performed as if for fun.

The above is taken from Question 2 May 2013 Part 2 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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