Second World Qigong Congress

Sifu Wong at the Second World Qigong Congress in 1997 where he received the "Qigong Master of the Year" award, and Professor Fang Li Da of China received the "Qigong Research Scientist of the Year" award.


You once mentioned that Professor Fang Li Da had investigated chi kung from the scientific point of view. Can we access to her scholarship, please?

Thammarath, U.S.A

Answer 6

To be exact, Professor Fang Li Da investigated the cure of cancer by using chi kung from the scientific point of view. When I met her at the Second World Qigong Congress in 1997 in San Francisco, where she was awarded the “Qigong Research Scientist of the Year”, and I was awarded the “Qigong Master of the Year”, Professor Fang was over seventy years old. She was then the director of China's Medical Research Institute.

As a Harvard trained medical professor, at first she did not believe in chi kung (qigong) until chi kung saved her grandmother from dying of cancer. She told the Congress that her grandmother was very special to her, and she was deeply frustrated that despite being one of the top medical professionals in the world and having trained hundreds of doctors in China for the sole purpose of relieving pain and illness, she literally could do nothing for her grandmother. I am sure this was the same type of pain many great doctors had felt which inspired them towards medical discoveries that later benefited mankind.

Professor Fang Li Da was driven by the same inspiration. She spent the next 20 years researching into the cure of cancer by chi kung. She brought her 20-year work to the Second World Qigong Congress, and we listened in reverenced silence as this kind elderly lady explained in details the experiments and scientific proofs showing that chi kung can cure cancer.

I have the utmost respect for Professor Fang Li Da. Her life's work could have saved literally millions of people, but did not. Like other great scientists in medical break-throughs, she was far ahead of her time. Perhaps 50 years later, perhaps more, people in future will say -- just us we say of people before us — those living in the 20th century were so stubborn.

If people on the streets are ignorant of the tons of scientific research papers on chi kung overcoming cancer and other so-called incurable diseases, it is understandable. But medical and health care professionals should know better. Professor Fang Li Da's paper, together with my papers on “Qigong, a Cure for Cancer and Chronic, Degenerative Diseases: A Global Interest” and the research papers of other scientists and masters were sent to the Department of Health of the United States, and to the World Health Organization at United Nations.

If interested parties really want to find proofs, there is no lack of them. There are literally hundreds of brave doctors, scientist, chi kung masters and other researchers who risked ridicule and their reputation to produce proofs that so-called incurable diseases can be cured. But the world and their contemporary medical and scientific establishments have continued to ignore them.

Hence, when people angrily accused occasional reports that cancer could be cured as fakery, I could not help thinking they were like children. They did not know what they were doing.

If you want access to her scholarship, you can write to the Medical Research Institute of China, or the World Congress of Qigong. Or you may search for “Fang Li Da” in internet search engines.

Reproduced from Question 6 in Selection of Questions and Answers — April 2003 Part

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