Chi Kung Healing

Chi Kung Healing


Also I hope to learn how chi kung can be used in treating patients.

-- Dylan, USA


You may study how chi kung can be used to treat patients from books or videos, but if you are thinking of actually using chi kung to treat patients, you have to satisfy at least the following two conditions.

It is unethical if you start treating patients after reading a book or after learning from someone who himself has not be properly trained to treat patients.

The philosophy behind how chi kung overcomes illness is quite simple. As life is a meaningful flow of energy, any interruption to energy flow will affect the quality of life, manifesting as illness. The remedy is to restore meaningful energy flow. This can be achieved by practicing chi kung or undergoing chi kung therapy.

There are countless methods a chi kung therapist can use to treat his patients. As early as CE 610 the great Chinese physician, Chao Yuan Fang, described in his masterpiece, “The Causes of Diseases”, about 400 chi kung exercises to overcome various diseases! But even if you know all these 400 exercises, you would not be able to treat patients, just as even if you have read all surgery text books, you would still not be able to operate on sick people.

Reproduced from Questions 8 in Selection of Questions and Answers.


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