Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course

An Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course


I want to attend your Intensive Kungfu Course in Malaysia. I have some experience in martial arts but I would never call myself very experienced or able. What are the requirements for attending the course? Is it enough to be versed in the basics only? Be assured that I would work hard, but if I need to prepare in other ways then please tell me how, so that I can begin to do it as soon as possible.

— Donald, United Kingdom


You will probably find attending my Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course one of the best things you have ever done for yourself. You will accomplish in a few days what many kungfu practitioners hope to accomplish but never do even after searching for many years, namely developing internal force and effectively using typical kungfu patterns for combat.

But it is more than a kungfu course. It is actually a course for leadership training. You will be pushed to and then surpass all your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual limits so that you will emerge from the course a better person in all aspects. You will be introduced to the training for and actually experience the effects of perseverance, determination, courage, righteousness, mental clarity, cosmic wisdom and spiritual joy.

To many people terms like “cosmic wisdom” and “spiritual joy” may not mean anything. But by now, having been in Shaolin Wahanm for some time, you would realize that when we say we aspire to certain attainments, we mean what we say.

The most important requirement is that you follow and be abided by the Ten Shaolin Laws. The next important requirement is that you must be ready to work hard — before, during as well as after the course. Of the three phrases, working hard after the course is the most important. If you won't, you may have some fantastic experiences during the course, but there may not be many lasting benefits.

Yes, before the course it is enough if you are well versed in the basics only.. You should be familiar with basic kungfu forms and movements, such as basic stances and techniques of punching, kicking and blocking. Nevertheless, it is advisable to spend some time practicing “Golden Bridge” so that your arms are reasonable strong to endure sparring for a few hours everyday during the course.

The above is taken from Question 4 of June 2003 Part 2 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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