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Chi Flow


How would chi flow help our kungfu?

-- David, USA


Chi flow helps our kungfu in many ways.

When we use chi flow to move our forms, we can be very powerful and fast, and we do not become tired even when we spar or fight for many hours. That is why our students in my intensive kungfu courses can spar for a few hours without panting for breath.

Chi flow increases our internal force. Indeed, before one can develop internal force, he must let his chi to flow. This is a fact not many people know. That is why masters take a long time to develop their internal force even when they practice every day. That is also why we become so cost effective that we have to guard against over-training.

Chi flow contributes to our health, vitality and longevity. When chi flow is harmonious, we are healthy. When our chi flow is vigorous, we have vitality. When our chi flows for a long time, we have longevity.

Chi flow contributes to emotional balance. When negative emotions clog our systems, our chi flow flushes the negative emotions away.

Chi flow contributes to our mental clarity. When thoughts trouble us, our chi flow cleanse them away.

Chi flow enables us to be relaxed. Indeed, we need to be relaxed first to have chi flow. If a person is tensed, he blocks his chi flow. The more relaxed a person is, the better will be his kungfu performance.

Chi flow gives us spiritual joys. It nourishes our spirit, making us peaceful and happy.

Chi flow is a very special feature of our school.

Reproduced from May 2019 Part 1 in Selection of Question-Answer Series


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