Chi Flow

Chi Flow


How does chi flow give us good health, vitality and longevity?

— David, England


Life, at all levels, is a meaningful flow of energy. If the chi flow, or energy flow, of a cell, a human or a star stops, life ceases.

In human beings, harmonious chi flow is necessary to maintain life. In simple language, it means that life goes on because the energy that enables all our cells, tissues, organs and systems to work the ways they are meant to work, flows harmoniously to all these cells, tissues, organs and systems.

For example, when we eat food, energy will flow to our stomach to digest the food. When viruses attack our body, energy will flow to clear the harmful viruses. These life processes go on naturally, usually without our conscious awareness.

However, if this energy is blocked from flowing to some particular cells, tissues, organs or systems, then the respective cells, tissues, organs or systems will fail to function naturally. That person will be sick.

The intermediate causes of energy blockage may be many and varied, such as stress, virus, excessive sugar and pollutants in Western terms, and coldness, heat, anger and fear in traditional Chinese medical terms. But the ultimate cause is energy blockage.

When a sick person continuously generates a vigorous chi flow, the chi flow can clear the blockage. When the blockage is cleared, energy that enables all his life processes to work naturally will flow harmoniously to all his cells, tissues, organs and systems to enable him to do their natural work. Hence he restores good health.

When he continues to practice chi kung that will generate a chi flow, not only the chi flow will be harmonious, it will become more vigorous. When the chi flow is vigorous, he has a lot of energy to carry on life wholesomely. Hence, he has vitality.

As he continues to practice chi kung, he generates more energy than he needs for his living. The excess chi will be stored at his various dan tian or energy fields as well as in his eight wondrous meridians which act like reservoirs of energy. If an epidemic occurs, the excess energy will flow out to meet expedient needs, keeping him healthy while others may be sick.

The main function, however, is to provide him with a large supply of energy to flow for a long, long time. Hence, he has longevity.

Attaining good health, vitality and longevity are the main aims of practicing chi kung.

The above is taken from Question 7 of September 2014 Part 1 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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