Small Universe

The Small Universe


Why doesn't the Big Universe achieve the benefits that the Small Universe does?

-- Darren, Singapore


Although the Big Universe is more advanced than the Small Universe, it may not achieve the same benefits of the Small Universe. Attaining the Big Universe will enable him to realize that the real him is his spirit, and not his body, and that his spirit will never die.

But he may not always be healthy, and he may not live more than a hundred years. His physical body in the phenomenal world may not last more than a hundred years, but his spirit will live on, and he realizes it.

If he attains the Small Universe, his chi will continuously flow along the Ren and the Du Meridians with the result that any disease-causing agents will be cleared away before they can cause any illness. Hence, he will not be sick. As his body has a potential life span of more than a hundred years, he will then be able to live beyond a hundred years.

Besides illness, the other factor that may cause a person to die before his potential life span is accidents. The Small Universe will also gives him pristine mental clarity. With mental clarity he will be able to avoid accidents. Hence he erases the two factors that prevent any person to attain his potential life span of more than a hundred years.

Then why is it that attaining the Big Universe, even when it is a more advanced art than the Small Universe, does not give him these wonderful benefits. It is because that although the Small Universe and the Big Universe are closely related, they are different arts with different benefits.

As an analogy although an aeroplane and a car are vehicles for transport, they are different and have different benefits. Although an aeroplane is more advanced than a car, when you fly from one city to another, you cannot stop along a country town to have a drink, but you can do so if you travel in a car.

Reproduced from October 2013 Part 2 in Selection of Question-Answer Series


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