chi flow

Chi flow


When is the best time to do these exercises, first thing in morning or at bedtime? How about the influence of meals? How much time to allow before and after meals to do them? How do I get maximum benefit?

-- Dan, USA


The best time to practice chi kung is at sunrise. Other excellent times are at midnight and at sunset.

You should allow at least about half an hour before and after meals for chi kung practice. Shaolin Wahnam students, however, need not follow this rule. In other words, Shaolin Wahnam students can practice immediately before or after meals. This is one of the many differences between learning from a qualified Shaolin Wahnan instructor and from my books.

The maximum benefit is obtained when you learn from a competent teacher. The results you will get practicing on your own are just incomparable with the results you will get when you learn from us personally.

Sceptics may accuse us of being boastful or marketing our school, that is their business. But we would like sincere seekers to know of the rare opportunity we offer. If you practice on your own even when your practice is perfect, your result is not a portion of what you will get even when you make a lot of technical mistakes if you learn personally from us.

For example, what you have achieved in two or three weeks practicing on your own, and your result is very good compared to what most other people learning from books can achieve, is just about 10% of what a typical student attending my regional chi kung course will get in one day even when he makes many technical mistakes!

All the questions you have asked here, which are important to you, will become irrelevant to a student who learns personally from us, because he will get all the answers from direct experience. These questions you have asked are academic to him, and many people may not know what is meant by being academic.

More significantly, your progress at this point marks the climax of your development. It is unlikely you can go further, for doing so without proper personal guidance will expose you to serious risks of wrong practice and deviations.

This does not mean you won’t improve further. You may have betters result if you continue practicing on your own, like overcoming the ailments you are suffering now, but your results will not go beyond the level you are presently at. In other words, you may improve within your present level, but not beyond your present level.

An analogy may make this clear. Suppose you are now an average student in elementary school. If you continue studying in elementary schools no matter for how long, you may become a top student at the elementary school level, but you won’t be able to progress to the high school level or later to university level.

Students who learn from us personally are different. Even when their result now is 10 times better than yours, they are only at the beginning of their chi kung career. They can attain advanced results that those learning from books cannot even imagine. As an analogy, university graduates can attain results that elementary students cannot even imagine.

It is not without good reasons why our fees are the highest in the world. But a lot of students have told us that they would pay 10 times the fees to get the benefits they receive from our training.

In fact, you are already better than many other students in chi kung benefits. You can generate an energy flow, and if you continue practicing what you are doing (but heeding my advice to have your energy flow less vigorous), you can eventually overcome your ailments. Most other practitioners, including instructors, cannot generate an energy flow, and no matter for how long they may practice, their gentle physical exercise cannot overcome their ailments

Reproduced from December 2013 Part 2 in Selection of Question-Answer Series


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