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Some people say that there is no such a thing as chi or internal force, and that what you claim is false.

— Dan, England


These people may be divided into two broad categories. One, they are ignorant and are sincere to find out. Two, they are just stubborn, refusing to believe irrespective of the evidence.

We shall help the first group. We will speak from a position of strength and authority, because we are giving them freely and in a quick, convenient manner experience and wisdom that we have taken years to develop and attain.

They may or may not accept or even believe our answer. That is their right and privilege, but we will not entertain any argument. We will tell them firmly and politely as follows. You ask for our advice. Here it is, given in good faith and sincerity. But if you do not like it or want it, it doesn't matter. Just throw it away.

If they are stubborn, then don't waste your time on them. You and Anthony have been very kind. You offered to pay the air tickets for sceptics to fly to Malaysia to learn from me so that they could directly experience chi and internal force themselves within the few days of the course, and if they were unhappy with the course they needed not pay any fee.

What more do they want? Most people, including masters of other styles, would be very happy if they could experience chi and develop internal force in three years. I myself took more than ten years. Yet, they are now given an opportunity to attain these in a few days!

It is understandable, even expected, if they do not believe you or me. It is just too good to be true, but it is true. But, as you said, there is no risk. Everything is paid for. If they achieved nothing, they would have a holiday and return with ammunition to debunk us.

I would say — in a good natured manner — you were a fool to offer such a trial. It is our policy that those who seek to learn from us must be deserving. We need not prove to anyone. It is the reverse. Those who wish to learn from us must prove that they are deserving to benefit from a wonderful art, and the most fundamental requirement is that they accept and practice our Ten Shaolin Laws. The first law is to respect the master. If they distrust the master and attend his course to test if what he said was true, this is disrespectful.

Like you, Anthony was a fool, spending invaluable time and effort to explain to stubborn sceptics, yet they sneeringly answered that what masters demonstrated could be easily done by their girlfriends or grandmothers! But, of course, Anthony's effort is not wasted. He gave some excellent answers in discussion forums which will benefit many other readers.

But what makes me proud of him, and similarly of you and other Shaolin Wahanm disciples, is the way you handle situations. Although other people were rude and unreasonable, you remained calm and courteous, and gave your views or explanation clearly and honestly.

Like you and Anthony, I was a fool too, a much bigger one for that matter. Not only I taught some of my best arts for free, I gave money to needy students. Yet these students, including some whose lives I actually saved, later betrayed me for some petty self interest.

But it is not without benefit to be fools. We learn from our foolishness, and emerge to be much wiser. This is part of the developmental task in becoming a master. Indeed, I have to thank those who betrayed me, for without their betrayal I might not have left Malaysia to teach overseas.

As you know very well, the proof that chi or internal force exists is amply found in every chi kung, Shaolin or Taijiquan course I have conducted. Almost everyone experiences chi and internal force on the very first day of any course! But there is also no need to ask sceptics to attend my courses. Even if they apply, I may or may not accept them. This is our right and privilege. You know that some people waited for longer than a year before I could find time to teach them. Let us give time instead to such deserving people.

The above is taken from Question 4 December 2002 Part 3 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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