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Chi kung class in United Kingdom


Teaching the class was a great experience. Definitely the most rewarding paid work I have ever done. So, as well as having my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health to thank you for, I have to thank you for enabling me to pass on these transformative Arts. As well as enjoying the classes themselves, outside of the classes I felt "blessed" as if the universe was sending me extra energy on top of my own practice.

— Sifu Andy Cusick, Scotland


It is hard to find any job more rewarding than what we do. We give health and happiness to people, and are well rewarded spiritually and financially. I don't call it work, I call it my hobby as it brings a lot of fun as well as heart-felt joy.


This year has been a year of many personal breakthroughs. I've realized how powerful -- in a wholesome manner -- the Shaolin Arts have made me. On this chi kung course for example, despite teaching at a low level as possible, the students were getting strong energetic effects.

I also realized quite how far ahead of non-self cultivating people I am in my internal development and how much I have to give to others in that regard. At the Summer Camp San Shou contest I discovered that I had the ability to stop the fighting spirit in another trained person by landing one clean power hit.

I feel well-balanced and equal to the responsibility and I would like to thank you once again for allowing this incredible personal development to take place through your teachings.


I am very happy about your attainment.

Indeed we are very blessed. It is hard for other people to believe our attainments. Understandably they call us liars.


Regarding the Beginners Course, the other two students had very good results. With one lady, I noticed some kind of internal shift after only the first three weeks of practice. She had a medical history of depression but I detected that there was some other insidious issue that was cleared rapidly and her complexion notably improved.

With the second lady when I taught her Carrying the Moon she could not bend her neck or spine backward to perform the pattern correctly. After only one week of home practice she could bend her spine completely backward and forward like a young sapling! It was quite an incredible change within only seven days.

At the completion of the 12 weeks of the course both of these girls report a happy weight loss of one stone, more energy, better able to deal with work and home, more centred, more proactive, more peaceful; and friends, colleagues and family asking "How are you getting these results!".


To us these results are so common that we sometimes forget that they are actually marvellous.

It is a pity that those who need our help are not aware of the opportunity, or do not believe that such marvellous results can be true. But it is our policy that if they want our help, they have to seek us, not we them.

The above is taken from Questions 6, 7 and 8 September 2013 Part 1 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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