Tiger form in Xingyiquan

Tiger form in Xingyiquan


Would you please give me some insight on the structure and essence of Hsing Yi? Is there one main set for Hsing Yi practice? Is this the "Five Elemental Fists"? Are there also individual sets for the different 12 animals? Would a serious Hsing Yi practitioner have to choose in which animals to specialize?

-- Sifu Claude, Malta


Xingyiquan is simple and linear, in contrast with the elaborate patterns of Baguazhang and the circular movement of Taijiquan. Belies its simplicity is its profundity, Xingyiquan is known for its explosive force.

Xingyiquan was invented by the famous Song marshal, Yue Fei, sometimes regarded as the God of Martial Art. Yu Fei taught Xingyiquan to his generals, and Eagle Claw Kungfu, which he also invented, to his soldiers.

The fundamental set of Xingyiquan is the Five Elemental Process Set (commonly known as Five-Element Fist), which consists of five elemental strikes namely palm thrust, spiral fist, explosive fist, cannon fist and diagonal fist, which are designated by the five elemental processes of metal, water, wood, fire and earth.

To supplement these five fundamental strikes, there are technique inspired by twelve animals, namely dragon, tiger, monkey, horse, alligator, cockerel, hawk, swallow, snake, ostrich, eagle and bear. There is a set called Xingyi Twelve-Animal Set.

There are no individual sets for the twelve animals. Xingyiquan practitioners need not specialize in any of the animals.

There are also two sparring sets, called Five-Flower Cannon, which is based on the Five Elemental Prosess Set, and the Peace-Body Cannon, based on the Twelve-Animal Set. Because of their long history, there are different versions of these sparring sets.

In the Xingyiquan Course at UK Summer Camp 2013, we shall learn all this material and more. We shall also learn how to develop internal force using the Santi Stance, or three-Body Stance using the correspondence approach and the expansive approach. We shall also use Xingyiquan to spar with opponents of other martial art. Like Wuzuquan, Xingyiquan is excellent for acquiring the element of threat and for winning free sparring competitions.

Reproduced from December 2013 Part 1 in Selection of Question-Answer Series


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