Chris in a Shaolin Kungfu Course

Chris in a Shaolin Kungfu Course


Why is it that some people make loud noises during the chi kung course or move about by rolling on the floor or laughing etc? I remember Darryl also from the Shaolin course make loud roaring noises after the “One Finger Shooting Zen” exercise. I am curious to know why does this occur? I myself haven't had that experience as yet. My chi flow has always been just in one area and I don't move about much at all. Why is it that some don't move around and others do or make laughing or loud noises?

— Chris, Australia


Making loud noises, moving about vigorously and rolling on the floor are some of the ways chi flow enables practitioners to clear blockage and expel negative energy, such as deep-rooted emotions and toxic waste. Energy issuing from different internal organs has certain characteristics.

For example, if a person's lung system is blocked, resulting in him being sad or prone to lung-infested diseases, vigorous chi flow may massage his lungs and clear his lung meridians, making him roar like a ferocious tiger. Another person whose spleen system is blocked, causing him to worry excessively or be prone to diseases related to the spleen and the stomach, vigorous chi flow may massage these organs and clear his spleen meridian, making him act like a monkey.

Why is that one practitioner moves about like a tiger and another moves about like a monkey even when they perform the same chi kung exercise? It is because chi flow works on the lung system of one practitioner but the spleen system of the other. Chi issuing from the lungs and from the spleen has different characterisitics, and are generalized as movements of the tiger and of the monkey respectively. On the other hand, when chi flow opens a person's heart, he often laughs.

Why do some people do not move much or make much noice? It is because chi affects them differently. People who are tensed and people whose meridians are clear usually do not move much. But the quiescent aspect of a tensed person and of a healthy person are quite different. When chi goes deep into a person to clear blockage at his tissue level, he may not move about extensively, but he may shake vigorously.

The above is taken from Question 3 of September 2006 Part 1 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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