Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit is luckier than a kungfu knight


Sifu has said in the Q&A series that the needs and aspirations are different for people today, and that the standard of gongfu has deteriorated tremendously. Is it still possible for us today to reach the standards of classical knights (wuxia), since we are practicing the same qigong and gongfu taught to the Shaolin monks 200 years ago (assuming diligence and consistent practice)?

— Chris, Singapore


In theory it is possible, but in real life it is not. This is being practical.

The standard of kungfu (gongfu) has deteriorated tremendously. Most "kungfu" masters today cannot apply their kungfu forms for combat (even though some of them may be good fighters using other martial art techniques). Some "kungfu" masters explicitly say that kungfu forms cannot be used for fighting, and many do not believe in internal force!

Without false modesty I believe my combat efficiency is high (in today's low standards), but if I compare myself with classical kungfu knights (wuxia), I am just a child. When a classical kungfu knight walked though a street, for example, if 30 opponents ambushed him with spears and arrows, he could come out of the ambush unhurt!

On the other hand, we need not train like classical kungfu knights because our conditions are different. For most of us, our concerns are good health and vitality so that we can enjoy our daily work and play. We also want some effective self defence so that we can meet any eventualities confidently and safely. And although we still have to live and work in our phenomenal world, a glimpse into cosmic reality once awhile gives us tremendous joy and inspiration, and meaning in our life.

While we may not be as skilful in practice as the classical knights, we aspire to their ideals. We are honorable and righteous, wise and courageous. We aim for excellence in both our public and private life. We live life to the full, and are generous to others in our dealings with them as well as in our teaching.

In many ways we are luckier than the classical knights. For example, while I can enjoy what they did, like composing poetry and listening to passing clouds, they could not have the scope and richness of my experience. Classical knights appreciated fine food and beautiful places in China on foot, I appreciate fine food and beautiful places of the world via cars and planes. They could not, for instance, admire the water city of Venice and the mid-night sun of Finland, or enjoy gigantic grilled prawns of Lisbon or chicken satay of Malaysia as I did. Neither could they generate energy flow or channel energy to whatever part of their body after three days of training as you have done.

The above is taken from Question 1 of November 2004 Part 3 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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