Chris Holmes
Shaolin Wahnam England


Chris executing a Tiger-Tail Kick during a sparring session at the Special Shaolin Kungfu Course in Malaysia in September 2005

Shaolin Kungfu continues to improve life for me and those around me. It is a precious gift which brings me joy in many ways every day.

-- Chris Holmes

Dear Sigung,

Thank you for your interest in my progress. My practice has indeed improved and deepened in terms of form, force and theory.

My best gift from the course is “One Finger Shooting Zen”. Thank you so much for that lesson. This is something I have had in mind to start practicing for some time, and now it has come to fruition. When I do the tiger claw motions my hands vibrate. Sometimes I can feel the vibration further up my arm. Also I'm starting to feel movement from the dan tian when I shoot my finger out.

My stance training is more relaxed, especially “Golden Bridge”. I can't stay in any stance much longer than before, but I feel very strong and relaxed. My “Lifting the Sky” is brighter (that's the only word I can think of), I smile a lot more and quite often my arms wave around in a relaxed flowing way with no effort from me at all. I'm also grateful that you took us through ”Allowing the Mind to Expand”, as this is something I hadn't practiced before. I haven't got anywhere interesting yet but I feel I'm making a good start on something which has amazing potential.

My wife is delighted with the results, although she can't find words to describe why. She just says "You're more... you!". Certainly I'm becoming calmer and more patient, which is a great benefit to me and to everyone who meets me. I'm really enjoying being strong and flexible in a healthy way, as this on its own improves my quality of life.


Chris defending a kick from Simon during sparring practice

However, it is combat application where I feel I am lacking. I really want to develop my skills from regular sustained partner practice. Occasional trips to London or Brighton, while productive, don't seem enough. It's too far to go once a week, I've tried it and too many other things in my life went lacking. I'd like to find a partner who lives near me to practice with. I'm thinking over the options, possibly inviting an instructor to come and teach a weekend course in Reading, although realistically it will be next year before I could set up anything myself.

Many Regards,
15th Nov 2005


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