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It may be incredible but chi kung can overcome any illness as a matter of course


I have several health problems. There is always a discomfort in most parts of my body such as tightness and rigidness. I try to do meditation, but I can't because I cannot concentrate. Instead, the discomfort will distract me.

Moreover, there is also some sort of itchiness from inside the body. Not on the skin, but from somewhere inside the body that can be unbearable. Apart from that, my thoughts are often fuzzy and unclear. Do you think you can help and that there is some qigong that can cure me? How much does it cost?

— Tan, Malaysia


Yes, I can help you to overcome your problems. Although conventional western medicine may not offer any solutions to your problems, from the chi kung perspective, they are inter-related and can be overcome comparatively easily.

You should attend my Intensive Chi Kung Course to be held in Sungai Petani. In the course you will acquire fundamental chi kung skills and techniques which you can competently practise on your own. If you practise for about 15 minutes a session, two sessions a day, you should be able to overcome your problems in a few months. Overcoming your problems is only a stepping stone; you would gain other wonderful benefits.

Please refer to my webpage Intensive Chi Kung Course. The fee for the course is US$1000. Depending on your perspective, it is very cheap or very expensive. If you compare my fee with what most teachers charge, it is exorbitant; if you compare it with the benefits you get, it is very cheap. The course is satisfaction guarantee; if you are not satisfied with the course, you need not pay any fee. Please apply to my secretary if you wish to attend the intensive course.

The tightness and rigidness in your body is due to muscular tension. Some energy is locked up in your muscles, and it has become “stale”. “Fresh” chi finds it hard to flow smoothly through the tissues of these muscles, resulting in itchiness. A good chi flow will clear the “stale” energy, eliminating the tightness and rigidness as well as itchiness.

Such discomfort naturally makes it difficult for you to meditate. In fact if you stubbornly persist to meditate in such an adverse condition, it would bring you harmful effects instead of benefits. One should be healthy and fit physically, emotionally and mentally before attempting serious meditation.

Practising chi kung is an excellent way to overcome your health problems and enhance your meditation. Indeed, chi kung itself is meditation. When you practise chi kung, you work on both your energy and mind. Of course you have to practise real chi kung, and not some gentle physical exercise that claims to be chi kung.


Are the lessons difficult to learn? I may have difficulties learning as I am slow to catch up, and I cannot concentrate well since I get distracted with my body discomfort.


The lessons are easy to learn — if you learn the exercises from a master who teach them as chi kung. In fact they are so simple that on-lookers may wonder whether they work.

On the other hand, many of my students have expressed amazement that these apparently simple chi kung exercises can produce such profound results. Students who had suffered from so-called incurable diseases recovered after a few months. Students who came with clutches walked away after the course without clutches. Students who had practised other forms of chi kung for years but had no experience of chi, found chi surging and flowing inside them in the very first lesson.

A big problem, which is not obvious to many people, is that because the exercises look simple, and are actually simple if learnt from a master, some people learn from books or videos, or from mediocre instructors. The exercises are still simple, but they have lost their essence and are performed not as chi kung but as physical exercises. The amazing results, of course, will then be missing.

The difficult part is not in the learning, but in your own practising. If you practise consistently what you have learnt in the course — 15 minutes a sessions, two sessions a day — you would overcome your health problems in a few months. If you practise off and on, or do not practise, you will still have your health problems even though you may have learnt well.

A basic tenet in Chinese medical philosophy is that all treatment starts from the heart, which means the mind in English. Chi kung masters have advised that to have good result you need to have three “hearts” — the heart of confidence, the heart of determination, and the heart of perseverance. You need to be confident of yourself, be determined that you will overcome your problems, and persevere in your effort. If, even before you start to acquire the techniques and skills that will help you to overcome your problems, you cast doubt on your ability, you only make things difficult for yourself.


What happens if I still do not master the techniques taught at the end of the lessons?


A comforting point is that the chi kung you are going to learn in my intensive course is so powerful that even if you could perform a quarter as well as expected you would still overcome your health problems. This is no exaggeration. Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung is meant for top level martial art and spiritual cultivation. Overcoming health problems is just a starting stage.

Do not ask rhetoric questions that deter you from your goal, just get on with the task that leads you to your goal of overcome your illness. First, find out what means are available to overcome your problems. Find out the credentials of the doctor, therapist or master who is going to help you, and more importantly find out the actual results he has produced. This gives you the “heart of confidence”.

If you have to learn a technique to overcome your problems, do not, — even before learning — question whether it is difficult to learn or you are too slow to learn. Whether it is difficult or you are slow, you still have to learn it if it is necessary. If it turns out that the technique is difficult and your are slow, then you will have to put more time and effort. You have no choice if you really want to get well. This is the “heart of determination”.

If it is required to undergo a particular treatment or practise a particular technique daily for six months to get well, then you have to take that treatment or practise that technique daily for six months. This is the “heart of perseverance”. You have no choice. If after three months you choose to stop the treatment or practise only when you like, you may not get well.

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One needs three "hearts" in chi kung training -- the heart of confidence, the heart of determination, and the heart of perseverance

Editorial Note

The fee mentioned in 2001 was US $1000. It has been raised to 1200 euros in 2016. The recommended time for practice was 15 minutes per session twice a day in 2001. Since then the teaching methodology has improved, and the suggested practice is now 10 minutes per session, twice a day.

This article was taken from Questions and Answers 7-9 of July 2001 Part 2 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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