Grandmaster Wong

Grandmaster Wong


Did you over-train in your students days?

— Camila, Spain


No, I didn’t. I went through my training the long, hard way. Hence I had time to develop my skills, which was over many years. I also had four of the best teachers I ever could have, and they taught me their best.

It took me about 17 years to have internal force, about 20 years to have my chi flow, and about 25 years before I could comfortably defeat professional fighters and masters.

A typical Shaolin Wahnam student today who attends my intensive course could have a chi flow on the very first day of the course! A typical kungfu student could feel internal force also on the very first day. If he practices daily what he has learnt in the course, he could defeat a black-belt in one year. It is just incredible, but true.

As a rough comparison, more than 80% of those who practice chi kung cannot generate a chi flow at will, about 60% of those who practice kungfu do not have internal force after many years, and more than 80% cannot apply their kungfu techniques for fighting.

Why are chi flow, internal force and combat efficiency so important in chi kung and kungfu? It is chi flow, not the chi kung exercises themselves, that gives the benefits of chi kung, like good health, vitality and longevity. Internal force makes ordinary kungfu great kungfu. The fundamental function of kungfu, any kungfu, is for combat.

Why do typical Shaolin Wahnam students have such fast, and tremendous results? It is because they differentiate between skills and techniques, understand the philosophy and acquire the skills and techniques, and have the skills and techniques transmitted to them.


You often mentioned that typical Shaolin Wahnam students took only one month to achieve the results of what you yourself would take one year to achieve in your student days. Why are typical Shaolin Wahnam students so fast in achieving results?


The comparison is actually an under-estimation, or over-estimation -- under-estimation for Shaolin Wahnam students, and over-estimation for me. Take chi flow as an example. I took 17 years to have a chi flow, but our students took only one day. But it would be unfair to mention 17 years because during that time I also learned other things.

The reason is because our students have the necessary techniques, skills and philosophy in one day, whereas I had them in more than one year. Our students enjoy the state of the art, whereas I took a long time to acquire it.

The techniques of all other people who practice chi kung and kungfu are correct. It is the skills and philosophy that are lacking. Most people do not have the skills to generate energy flow, to develop internal force, and to use kungfu techniques for combat, and they do not understand why. I did not consciously know the skills and the philosophies when I was a student.

The skills that typical Shaolin Wahnam students now take for granted as these skills have become so habitual, were developed by me over many years in my teaching. My earliest students did not have these skills.

Entering into a chi kung state of mind (or entering Zen in Shaolin Kungfu and entering Tao in Taijiquan) and smiling from the heart were not taught in my earliest classes. These skills were developed over many years. But Shaolin Wahnam students now can easily enter into a chi kung state of mind, which enables them to generate energy flow and develop internal force, and smile from their heart, which enables them to be happy and peaceful.

It is very special that our school not only explains the philosophies behind the skills and techniques, but also elaborate how we can transfer what we learn in class to our daily life so as to enrich it. As far as I know, this has not been done before.

The above is taken from Questions 1 and 2 December 2019 Part 3 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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