Carrying the Moon

Carrying the Moon


Why does practicing "Carrying the Moon" make a woman youthful?

— Camila, Spain


Practicing "Carrying the Moon" makes a woman youthful because the technique gives benefits of youthfulness. Besides knowing the technique, practitioners must have the necessary skills in his (or her) performance.

Let us look at the features of youthfulness and examine how "Carrying the Moon" gives these benefits.

Having a strong and subtle spine contributes to youthfulness. A woman may be young in age, like at 30, but if her spine is weak and rigid, we do not consider her youthful. There is a saying in Chinese that "we are not worried that a person is old in age, but worry that he or she is old in his or her spine." The movement of "Carrying the Moon" makes a woman's spine strong and subtle, giving her youthfulness.

Another feature of youthfulness is agility, both physically and mentally. If a woman is not agile, we do not call her youthful. The movement of "Carrying the Moon", like the swing of her head and body, gives her mental and physical agility. The strength and subtlety of her spine also makes her agile.

The bending forward and backward of her body stimulates her energy flow to the kidneys. The kidneys are important organs for spreading energy. When energy is spread, it gives her sexual, intellectual and general vitality. A woman who is sexually, intellectually and generally vital is youthful, irrespective of her age.

The bending forward and backward of her body also stimulates her energy flow all over her body. This gives her a glowing complexion, contributing to her youthful look. Even when a woman is young, if her skin is dull or pale, we would not consider her youthful.

Another feature of youthfulness is having a good head of hair. Even when a woman is young, if her hair is little or lacks lustre, we do not consider her youthful. The dropping forward of her head sends energy there, which encourages hair growth and nourishes it. This adds to her youthfulness.

The above is taken from Question 3 December 2018 Part 1 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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